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Human history places the rise of humanism, brought forth by an Italian Chancellor, Brunetto Latini (c. 1220-94), somewhere in the mid of the twelfth century. The truth, according to the revelation of Divine protocol (HIS story), is that it is a Luciferan proclivity, which he displayed before the throne of the Majesty on high, to proclaim and to establish the spirit of individualism. In the darkened, egoistic resolve of Lucifer, a messenger, we find the location of the genesis of humanism.


Seraphic Lucifer

Collins Dictionary defines humanism thus: “1. the denial of any power or moral value superior to that of humanity; the rejection of religion in favour of a belief in the advancement of humanity by its own efforts. 2. A philosophical position that stresses the autonomy of human reason in contradistinction to the authority of the Church. 3. (Often capital) a cultural movement of the Renaissance, based on classical studies.” Basically, humanism is against the worship of Jehovah and His Christ which will invariably jettison the dependence on the Holy Spirit. Lucifer failed in his nefarious attempt to actualize his utopian philosophy of individualism, which was intended to make him another personage of celestial adoration. Four is the scriptural numeration for creation so if he had succeeded he would have become the fourth Person in the Godhead, not by acquiescence of the Trinity, but by mere rationalism. Lucifer called himself God, when he is not the Creator, in heaven where the first church commenced. Humanism bestows deity on all humanists. So, you see, it did not begin on earth, in Italy, in the thirteenth century A.D.

                Put these scriptures, Jeremiah 4:23-26; 2Peter 2:4; Jude 6-7; 1Peter 3:18-20 & 22, together and you will find out that there is a difference between demons and fallen angels. While angels do not need to seek for a habitat to operate on earth for the simple reason that they, as spirit beings, can dwell anywhere as God’s messengers and can easily adapt (Genesis 6:1-4), a demon has lost his right to dwell on terra firma, having been stripped of his body (disembodied spirit) is constantly looking for a habitat (especially) human, to exercise his evil will. Jesus did descend deep down to preach dooms day to fallen angels. Evil spirits on earth will therefore be the foul demons who had inhabited the earth pre-Adamically whom the Devil persuaded, promising a utopian deification and leading to being their own lords, free forever. Humanism! The demons, no doubt are enjoying the utopia of being worshipped but for how long? A short time (Rev.12:12).

One thing I know about the Devil is that he never changes his modus operandi (which gives us an edge over him). In his Luciferian ophidism he had no choice but to preach, as always, an appealing oratorical, humanism. “Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?” Genesis 3:1. Lucifer, the Devil, asked thus to impeach the credibility of God’s verbalism. He needed to slander the Creator to win her over thus separating her from God with, “And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil” Genesis 3:4-5. This is pure individualistic indoctrination, with the sole attempt of making the Woman to believe that she did not need God after all; leading to a spiritual independence from the Most High!

She, like humanists, began to develop her own thoughts. She carried the thoughts to the evil conclusion, culminating in an evangelism of spiritual meretriciousness (for she, who belonged to God willingly did Satan’s bidding). Steeped in humanism, she did not see the preeminence of her husband but her own individualistic supremacy. So, she made sure that she must be the first one to acquire the knowledge. Individualism of humanism! Today’s wife thinks she is smarter than the man. She will rather dwell on gender inequalities, plunging steeply into vexatious state, instead of submitting to her husband. To Adam, the man, was the ordination of the Divine afflatus, hence, the priest, enjoying domestic superintendency. This is what her humanist induction blinded her to acknowledge (because, like Rev. Chris Okotie would say, Satan was taking them somewhere). The fructification of the injection of the opium of humanism into the woman led to Divine judgment and an inevitable eviction. It found a permeation in the first procreation. Cain.

Secular Humanism

                 Secular Humanism “Man, in the beginning, they believe, made God.

Humanism as a pure religion on earth finds its seminar in,”…neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die;” Genesis 3:3. Religion adds inconsequential taboos to one’s life unnecessarily, in a bid to bind one fanatically to it. When Cain must stand in worship of the God of his parents he decided to do it in his own way, sourcing his stance from the spirit of individualism. Such was the ossification of the heart of Cain as he displayed contumacy before God, as he turned his back on God’s saving elixir of sin offering, because he had found another god in himself, and earning the title of the first antichrist for himself as he strolled arrogantly away, like Lucifer, his spiritual father, to build the first city on earth! Cain, like every true humanist, saw in himself an achiever of greatness. True to humanistic type, Cain jettisoned his role in God’s plan, to the first family of man, to pursue an individual agenda. Cain means spear or javelin. His role, therefore is to protect the first human family, by warding off all external evil forces. Cain pitched against God’s intention. Every act of initiation receives a religious stance but when it runs contrary to God’s word it engenders evil omen. Cain sired Enoch, his first child, whose name means ‘initiate.’

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