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Do You Have To Marry To Prove A Point? (6)

In like manner the wife’s ‘help meet’ stance is an official role. She holds the office of the other personality of the head of the family. This other person thinks, knows, wills like the husband and supports to actuation all his positive desires towards the service to God, as a family man. She becomes the other head that gives credence to proverbial two heads are better than one. The woman positions herself as the prayer warrior of the home. Her loyalty to her unflinching support to the husband’s aspirations provokes divine accelerated answers to the family’s prayer requests. The true position of the husband and the wife, albeit not three in number, is akin to the close operational quiddity of the Trinity. They must get it right, or else they are mere worthless actors. The wife, ergo, is under Divine spirit of mitzvah to stand as the greatest supporter of the husband’s priestly office. What does the efforts of her official role result to? The husband finds it much less arduous going through the rigours of family business. He is truly blessed, having found the good thing. A whole lot is at stake if couples fail to get it right. Selah! A headless body is a cadaver. Without the contribution of a husband the marriage suffers moribundity. Conversely, bodiless heads are freakish; without the wives' help meet submissions, what are brought before the Author of marriage are episodic proofs of parodic attempts. Read More

THE MUSIC STAR (4th part)

Think thrice before you dive into the music world. Lucifer is jealous of your stardom. It must be sanctioned by him. Make sure your pastor constantly counsels you, so that you do not end up being frustrated. Many of the stars of music started singing, just like Lucifer, in the Church.Read More

THE MUSIC STAR (3rd part)

What terminated the life of Elvis Presley, the king of rock and roll? Drugs! Too bad, it was too late for the greatest of them all, Michael Jackson, evidently, in his own right, the king of pop, before he realize that he was dining dangerously with Satan. Lucifer killed Michael JacksonRead More

THE MUSIC STAR (2nd part)

Music celebrities use their riches to live lives of excessive drugs, alcohol and concupiscence. From where do they get this immorality? From the madness Lucifer suffered for rejecting his Creator. Only Jesus counts in spiritual matters.Read More