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January 2022

Christianity Is Acquittal And Discharge From Sinful Gaol. [5]

The Eden garbing of Adam the male and the female made it a possibility for the same LORD God, who provided them with the garb of forgiveness, to step again into time, Who is eternal, to display His full beneficence, in His full glory. The LORD God appeared to Moses as both the impeccable Judge and the eternal Saviour. God must both be the ultimate Judge and the undying Saviour to perfect the soteriology. At Eden, the sin contaminated Adam and he ran into hiding, feeling badly garbed in iniquitous disposition to come face to face with the Most High who had walked in Majesty into Eden, His home. At the Mount Sinai experience, Moses, who, hitherto, had spoken so familiarly with His God, could not lift up even his hoary head to apprehend the physical presence of Divinity.Read More

Christianity Is Acquittal And Discharge From Sinful Gaol. [4]

A stupefying change is the occurrence when Jesus died for us on the cross. When He died, we, the preordained elect of the foreknowledge of Jehovah, died with Him to rise with the Great Shepherd on the third day. Our nature, through this inexplicable phenomenon, changed. We took on His divine nature: never to be arraigned for any spiritual offence, here on earth and in the empyreal assizes. Glory be to Jesus, now and forever. Amen!Read More

Christianity Is Acquittal And Discharge From Sinful Gaol. [3]

Christians cannot be wallowing in the debt of sinfulness and be said to have the righteousness of Christ. One should have been acquitted to don the righteousness of God. Spiritual acquaintance makes unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption. If God be for us who can be against us, the elect? Absolutely none can. One of Christ’s characters in this verse is, Everlasting Father. As the offspring of the eternality of His Fatherhood, we live as eternally as Jesus Christ. Amen. Discharged from sin, we stand by the side of our Redeemer.Read More

Christianity Is Acquittal And Discharge From Sinful Gaol. [2]

Contextually, the convexity of “If God be for us, who can be against us?” serves as the backdrop for the Christian’s acquittal: this must be noted. It is a rhetorical effusion that makes way for the following series of Pauline rhetorical questions from verse 32 to the 39th, proving that absolutely nothing comes at par with the Most High Jehovah. If absolutely nothing can separate us from the love of Christ, then, we are eternally safe in this salvation wrought on the cross of Calvary.Read More

Christianity Is Acquittal And Discharge From Sinful Gaol. [1]

It was understood when, after all said and done, this happened, “Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them” [Genesis 3:21]. They who are guilty, and to whom justice demands hellish gaol of eternal punishment, death, that is, are here seen clothed: in divine righteousness. Unbelievable! That clothing was probationary. It was the temporary raiment of righteousness. How did God do it? The LORD God of creationism used His sovereignty to suspend Adamic death in hell. Adam was provided with an inexplicable second chance. Read More

Year 2022

In the midst of the turbulence that badger humanity these days: - with all the scary untruthfulness of Covid wahala (Yoruba term for 'trouble'); of global Islamic jihadism; unstable governance (especially, that of Muhammad Buhari of Nigeria) and lies upon lies from global leadership, if you will be smart enough to put all your eggs in just one basket (as against the maxim of earthly disposition) of the faith in the LORD God, you will testify of the goodness of God in year 2022.Read More