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February 2016


Four times monetary terms are mentioned. Four being the scriptural number of creation points to an understanding that the Author of creationism was about to embark on the creation of a new thing i.e a new species of intelligent beings. The first amount of money to be mentioned is 'tribute money'. The second is 'custom' and the third being 'tribute' while the fourth is 'a piece of money'Read More

ISRAEL (3rd part)

Only the tribe of Israel has a soteriological covenant with Jehovah. They alone know the SOS code to bring His help down to the earth for He had promised, "I will never leave nor forsake thee…” (Deuteronomy 4:31, 31:6; Hebrew 13:5). This is the last enemy of Israel, so, He will come in Person. Unless Israel, to whom pertaineth the dispensation of the law cries out to Him, Christ will not come to save the world from the Satanic clutches of the Antichrist. Read More

ISRAEL (2nd part)

The mantic seventy weeks was not demystified until 70×7days=490 days produced no realization of Daniel's vatic pronouncement. They came to the understanding that each of the 490 days was actually a year, hence, four hundred and ninety years was Prophet Daniel's actual prediction! It may be of immense interest that when one does careful scriptural calculations from the day of Daniel's prediction to the day of the ascension of Jesus in the book of Acts of the Apostles, in the first chapter, it is exactly 483 years. Where is the remaining seven?Read More

ISRAEL (1st part)

Israel is Jehovah's involvement. Israel is God's personal invention. It is God's child, son and wife. God's investment on Israel is too huge to become an abandoned, white elephant project. Israel is the actualization of His reconstructive dream of the epitome project of creationism - mankind. Who or what can kill God's own nurtured eternal dream? Read More