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June 2020

The Blood (III)

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God commanded male Israelites to cut off the foreskin of the genitals as an identity of His people. It is a bloody affair. The tabernacle, where Jehovah is worshipped must have a sprinkle of blood. It is for atonement. Jephthah’s daughter of Judges Chapter 11 needed not to have been sacrificed at all. Exodus 13:13 & Leviticus 18:15 give the solution. The woman of issue of blood was a reminder of the fallen man. The menses flowed for twelve years –the number of our Lord Jesus. She met Jesus, the Redeemer and the object of man’s offence ceased. Read More

The Blood (II)

God's insistence on the blood is not borne out of a proclivity that leeches on sanguinaceous gourmandism. He had kept life inside the red fluid. At the appointed time, He had to step into our world with blood in His human veins. It was time to make an eternal reenactment of Isaac's life's exchange with the ram's on Mount Moriah, this time on Golgotha, with Jesus, the Lord of glory, standing as the Gladiator and the Lamb of God, the Saviour. Hallelujah!Read More