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Acts 1:9


“Muhammad” – in G.J.O. Moshay’s admittance of him, in his book, ‘Who Is This Allah?' – “is at best a philosopher.” The prophet of Allah, wanting at all cost to discredit Christianity, resorted to horrid regurgitation of the casuist that he was, when in An-Ni’sa, the fourth chapter, verse 157, the commentary says, “Allah made the young man look exactly like `Isa, while a hole opened in the roof of the house, and `Isa was made to sleep and ascended to heaven while asleep.” This is egregiousness of speciousness. Acts 1:9 “And when he had spoken these things, while they beheld, he was taken up; and a cloud received him out of their sight.” Verses 7 and 8 document what He was telling them. Do these verses show any sign of Muhammadan calumnious somnambulistic ascension? Why would Muhammad decide to use a cave as the rendezvous of Divine connectivity? The answer is very simple. He wanted to replicate the Mount Sinai phenomenon. The deception, I believe, is calculated to tell the world of religiosity that the God of the Bible had rejected Israel, Jewry and Christianity. How does one challenge the last prophet of the Most High? He needed to add that angle to make Islam God’s choice of religious worship. That is the reason for another cavernous rendezvous. The Qur’an contains 75% of the Bible. Unfortunately, the Bible is never up for any replication. Read More