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archangel Michael

ADAM (3)

If by one man God’s word was successfully put to work and got truly protected, Adam, the man, would have brought to perfection, Christ’s soteriological role. She, who willfully sinned, would have been gathered together with the spirit behind the stealthy meandering evil who asked, “Hath God said 'Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden’?” to hell, I believe, putting an end to Satanism. Adam, if you had just done that you would have been our champion, pristine father and the grand teacher of the express Word of God. Jesus Christ would not have had to go through the gruesome Golgotha crucifixion to save the world. Adam, the whole world would be cheering you as the king of earthly kings. The gold you could not lay your fallen nature on would be extracted with no sweat at all. Other rich minerals of the earth would be at our disposal for the good of all. Would there have been the mad rush for the selfish mining of the earth’s rich resources? I think not. The Adamic elevation of God’s intent would have commenced much quicker. Eden, the cradle of Adamic birth would be the capital of the entire globe. Your obedience to Jehovah would have banished Lucifer and his foul disembodied spirits from the world. Read More