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Colossians 1:16-17

PHILIPPIANS 4:19 (two)

In the anomalous apotheosis of his desiderative drive against the eternally sacral mind of the LORD God, Lucifer got his inordinateness banishing him into the vagrancy of apodiabolosis – having lost his glorious, first estate – not holding the eternal Light of the Godhead but flung into absolutely pitch darkness. Cain knew no peace all his days; Judas Iscariot found himself in the straightjacket toga of Gehenna, for willing in himself to bewray the Lord of glory. The first thing Lucifer did after the fall of Adamic race was to establish covens of secret societies, to which members he gave riches and fame. But his donations come with hideous prices to pay: prices of wicked ritualism too disturbing to the soul of man. Nebuchadnezzar would tell you what manner of disgust it was going through those three aspects of divination: use of arrows (belomancy); consulting images (idolomancy or Hebraic teraphim) and looking into the liver (hepatoscopy), towards the end of his life when, as an idol worshipper, he consulted his gods for prosperity.Read More


Christianity being a creation of Jesus makes Him the Entity of latria. He did not just establish this way of salvation, He is the sustenance and the preserver of the lives of Christians. How could Jesus be physically present wherever two or three are gathered universally, in various places of the earth, in His name if Jesus Christ does not possess the ubiquity of Divinity? Selah! The unveiling facticity is that the One who walked the Garden of Eden in Genesis 3:8 is the selfsame Entity who made the asseverations of Matthew 16:18 and 18:20.Read More