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everlasting covenant


Is there any smidgeon of doubt concerning the good reason why He will remember His covenant with Israel, and why it must be an everlasting testament? The blood had, from eternity past, spoken better things into the yet to be created best of creationism specimen of beings, the Adamic reality of elevation. Israel had a mentioning from Genesis chapter three (fig tree). It says somewhere, “First to the Jews, then to the Gentiles.” These days of grace the true Israel is the born again Christian, upon whom is the divine lavishness of the Golgotha salvific blood. For the sake of the blood, of eternality is the remembrance of the covenant. We do not live by the letter of the law again, as recipients of divine grace; the law requires another killing of a sacrificial lamb. The death, resurrection, ascension and the culmination of the session of Jesus continues to propitiate by the reason of Him being our perpetual High Priest.Read More

MY SALVATION (What Can Happen To It?) 2nd Part

Jesus The Warrior King True Israelites understand what Jesus meant when He said that He is the good shepherd. They have studied the scriptures, originally scripted in their mother tongue. His disciples knew this was the Messiah come to save them, ‘The everlasting Father’ of Isaiah 9:6, the pantokratōr (Almighty) of Revelation 1:8 and pantokratōr...Read More