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Do You Have To Marry To Prove A Point? (8)

Channel, virtuously, all the energetic help of your femininity towards the meet of your husband’s desires, as long as those intents of his bourne are not in direct antagonism to the express Word of God. To aid your official role as the help meet for him; submission is the key for the perfection of your uxorial mission. Every one of the disciples was involved in a business or carrier. They forsook all to perfect their walk with the Master – submission. How can any wife claim to be the help meet for the husband without the required submission? Only a Jezebel of a wife jettisons submission. Marriage is a missionary work. It brings heaven down to the earth. In empyrean assizes, bearing witness, there are three in the Godhead; and on earth, representing the unity of the Trinity is the Christian marriage where the twain (male and female created He them) exhibit love and submission according to the will of Jesus, the Grand Groom of the Bride, the Church. If you, the husband, should for one second, hold back the duty of love towards your wife, you are masquerading as a bastard. Try to imagine the resultant effect if Jesus Christ would not bring to consummation, the agapē of the Father’s heart: soteriology would be a mere mirage. The husband who will not adorn his wife with love is definitely an Antichrist. You must love your wife! Honestly, we do not seem to understand that our failure to appreciate the seriousness of marriage is the injection of ignorance by the unrelenting hard work of Satanism. Selah. We hardly remember that two things bring soteriological reality into actuation: the agapē of Jehovah and the heart of submission on the part of the believing born again Christian. Let the husband and the wife ponder seriously on this facticity. Amen. If you are not making money to sustain the family – as the family provider –, something is terribly wrong with you.Read More