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Luke 1:31-33


With the exception of Muhammad all other mentioned prophets (All Jewish) in the Qur’an did vaticinate saying, “Thus saith Jehovah”; Allah had no mentioning in their mouths throughout centuries of their Bible missionary vaticination. Millennia permanency of the Bible makes it the authentic scriptural relevance of theology. The Holy Bible furnishes its reader with historical dates, names, events and locations; all of which pass the tests of archeological and other researches. What else does one expect from the Bible, is it not the book of God’s Authorship? Without any scintilla of equivocation, I strongly believe that Muhammad should never have mentioned the stories, characters and events of the Bible to the establishment of his Islamic Qur’an. Prophet Muhammad should have limited himself to the twenty-five percent Islamic availability of the religion’s didacticism. But unfortunately, his dabble into the theological intricacies of the Christian divine protocolary exposes his stark ignorance or demonic assisted religious domination.Read More