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Even though the judgment of Eli, the high priest, was garbed in atrocity of its pronouncement, it would not vitiate Hannah's potential faith in the God of Israel. Her faith had engendered in her the humility of a good Christian, raising her to the enablement which held back her tongue from lashing at the stupidity of God's servant. Thankfully, the emergent alloy of faith and humility from this woman of great fortitude saved Eli from absolute irresponsibility. An 'ascension' (for that is the English definition of the Hebraic Eli) to the celestial assizes had to be made available to Hannah's petition. The same Eli who had wrongfully accused her of an unladylike debauchery must change the lyrics to, "Go in peace." Pronounced on her is 'peace', a Hebraic shâlôm (shaw-lome') which means so many things: 'completeness, soundness, welfare, peace;Read More