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God's child uses nothing but the word of his Saviour to war against the works of evil. God's Church is a woman. The Midian woman is the falsehood of religion. The Israelite knew how Jehovah hates idolatry. His audacity was quite inexcusable. There is no mercy for a wanton disregard for God's word. His Word is an Eternal Personality: Jesus Christ; who was, who is and is to come; the Almighty. Amen. Read More


He should have forgiven the pristine parents of Eden and used that occasion to shame the Devil. Should He not have manifestly appear in Person to warn the Antedeluvian Age of the impending annihilation? If He had shown that magnanimity He would not need come down to meet the Nimrod ruled world to remind them of what their grandparents told them about the deluge and its destruction. So many questions make man think he is or could be smarter than God. Why, ergo, would God choose the path of unforgiveness?Read More