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Qur’an 9:30


Honestly, I do not have any problem with Islamic jihadism as long as it remains in their thought realms and stays unimplemented. You say you have a God, called by the Arabic Allah. The Hindu has Brahman as the name of their deity. Tao runs the spiritual lives of Taoism. The teachings of Buddha remain the constant spurring spiritual elixir to the Buddhists. The chants of Ifá oracle (of Yoruba prominence) enliven the spirits of its worshippers. Mention the name of Jesus Christ and the soul of the redeemed Christian, child of the Almighty Jehovah, who cannot afford to forget the saving grace of his Saviour, will go into the effusion of the glossolalia, concluding with the unmistakable shout of, “Hallelujah!” Not so when the wake-up call of, “Allahu Akbar!” grips the ears of the staunch Moslem, true and faithful Muslims get injections of galvanism to wage jihadic wars against non-Islamic adherents. Why is Muhammadanism of Islam different?Read More