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ISRAEL (3rd part)



 holy of holies 1

The Holy of Holies


Psalm 32:1″Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered”. Colossians 2:14, “Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross”; this He did to wipe away the tears of our transgressions. Our sinful life styles that are contrary to the Word of God had brought untold punishment. As the Righteous One, He appears to remove the penalty of our sins by removing the evil one. The reconciliation through Israel was an expiatory design to cover our sins the same way God instructed Noah to use pitch inside and outside of the ark to make it safe for water navigation. The water is emblematic of God’s word. It is the spoken word of God that judges the intelligent man of creation. In God’s bid to help us navigate through the checkered pavements of this sinful world, Jesus had to reconcile us, i.e. cover us up, not fraudulently but via His righteous intention to save mankind. This reconciliation, once a man is garbed in it, is eternal.

Having been polluted by Antiochus, Mohammedan invasion and many others, the final desecration of the Jerusalem Temple is by the Antichrist. The Temple, an adumbration of the Church which is the body of Christ must receive its celestial Visitant for an anointing (that breaks the yoke). The Holy Spirit, who is called the Spirit of Jesus, will hear Christ at His Advent, calling out as the deep calleth unto the deep. From the holy of holies, the place of His seat, He will respond with, “Come hither, I AM here!” His deified presence uproots the Antichrist for an eternal destruction, cleanses His temple, hence, the world through Israel.

Seven years to the completion of the vatic 490 years the expected Messiah (historically) went up to heaven like He was wont to (Judges 6:21, 13:20-22; Micah 5:2). Fifty days later was an occurrence of the unexpected. The Holy Spirit descended, the unction for the functionality, to anoint the saints of Jesus (His body). It was the birth of a spiritual phenomenon, a most guarded secret, told to no prophet until the revelation of it was entrusted to Paul of Tarsus – the erudition of God’s protocol. God stopped counting after 483 years. Rather than the continuative 484, 485, 486 and so on, He paused. God birthed the Church: an intercalation. The Church age was sandwiched in-between the dispensation of the law. The law dispensation was paused because not all are conversant with the Divine economy that was entered into with Israel. The crucifixion was executed by the gentile Roman Empire, making His passion and death a catholic event. As long as the Church, His body, continues to tread upon the surface of our terra firma, the true Antichrist can never be revealed as the evil incarnate to receive catholic worship on behalf of Lucifer, his father.


Jesus And The Angels On Rapture Day


Rapture is a scriptural occurrence. It is an event that marks the commencement of the continuity of the suspended dispensation of the law. The Antichrist does not have more than seven years to belch all the evil colouration of his devious intentions on humanity especially Israel for this lawless son of Satan is the last taskmaster, under whom Israel will suffer the punishment for her apostasy. Perfection of the evil that Satan had all these eons been nursing will be unleashed on the earth. Put together the atrocious acts of Antiochus of Rome, Ahab of the northern kingdom Israel, Manasseh of the southern kingdom of Judah, Xerses of Persia, Idi Amin of Uganda, Abacha and Babangida of Nigeria, Hitler of Germany, Roman Catholic (of the so called Christian wars), Apartheid of South Africa and some others, then multiply the sum by a thousand and you will be getting close to the horrendous evil lurking in the darkest heart of Lucifer, all of which he will unleash and will not stop to relish on account of his trucebreaker stance (2Timothy 3:3).

Only the tribe of Israel has a soteriological covenant with Jehovah. They alone know the SOS code to bring His help down to the earth for He had promised, “I will never leave nor forsake thee…” (Deuteronomy 4:31, 31:6; Hebrew 13:5). This is the last enemy of Israel, so, He will come in Person. Unless Israel, to whom pertaineth the dispensation of the law cries out to Him, Christ will not come to save the world from the Satanic clutches of the Antichrist. The removal of Satan, the Antichrist and the very close evil associates marks the terminal point of the fifth dispensation – of the law. The sixth dispensation (as an intercalation) was dated from the upper room experience day of Pentecost, to the day of “Eyes up!” Rapture.


image of Star of David

                              Israeli Flag


This is the only reason why Israel is indestructible. It has for centuries occupied a very tiny geographical space, surrounded by hostile Arab nations. Hundreds of wars have ravaged it but Israel is still occupied by the children of Abraham, the friend of Jehovah God, and with whom the fourth dispensation – of promise – was brought into being. A hand that cannot be overcome, too formidable to be engaged in any combat, physical or otherwise, is responsible for Israel’s continued existence. As a young boy, in my early teens, I used to wonder why they would just not show skeptics, in the Bible, how God actually gave the entire land to Israelites. A reminisce of that infantile ignorance of the laws of the earth – which demands concrete proofs –, creases my face with smiles, these days. Now that I am older and knowledgeably wiser, all I want to say is, “If they think it is possible, let them try an annihilation of Jewry or more equally serious, take that geographical entity called Israel away from Jews”. If they succeed, then I, H. O. Ojewale, will dump the Bible that I have been wielding all these decades!


            Cabbala Cult


Evil Cabbala (no doubt the bane of Israel’s apostasy), which has its source in Israel, and probably the designer of Israel’s flag, which features the occult ‘star of David’, is not of God, but Satan has used it to enhance the wealth of the people, indirectly bringing God’s purpose to fulfillment. There is no biblical proof of any ‘Star of David’. Israel is part of God’s dispensational calendar. Israel complements the salvational purpose of God on earth. Israel is in God’s hand; who can pluck it out (John 10:28-29)? With all the fuming of fire and the pouring of brimstones found in the At Tawba (9th chapter) of the Qur’an against Jewry and Christianity, the physical Israel of the stock of father Abraham and the Christians, the spiritual Israel, will keep marching victoriously on. Amen. (the conclusion)


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