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LET NOT THE SUN SET… (part one)



Sunset 1

She was too angry to be pacified. “You have no idea what atrocity, so debilitating, has been meted on my person”. Still will not be mollified, followed the rant, “If it was an inadvertent act I will understand but for someone to approach a proverbial six-toed person, look straight into his face and slowly turn the gaze, dramatically, downwards and begin to count the toes loudly with an outstretched fingers of impunity”. She paused for a few seconds, sighed, and in a very low tone asked me, “If it were you, what would you do when after counting he should ask you, ‘what are you doing with so many twenty-four toes and fingers’, please, tell me?”. Seeing her implacable stance, I knew that what I thought would not placate her so I told her God’s own story.

A long, long, many billion years ago after God had created the heavens, the earth and other heavenly objects, He sat on His celestial throne and desiring to live to His expected state of Divinity, He created an angel, Lucifer, then several billion highly intelligent others, to give Him, the Creator, worshipful obeisance. Lucifer was the star of the angelic attraction, being made the most beautiful, most intelligent and the most powerful. He was the best singer, the praise and worship leader in the heavenly ecumenical assemblage. The head of all intelligent beings.

Lucifer's angels

Luciferian Angelic Recruit


One day he walked to the presence of the Most High and said or better still, demanded to be promoted to the state of divinity. The One who sits on the throne declined on account of the fact that Lucifer cannot assume the position of the fourth of the Godhead. It was not unknown to this great angel that only the Creator should receive worship and never the creature. It was an audacious approach to the throne of the Most High in the heavenly assizes.

In glorious excellence these intelligent beings were made. It was not their creation that brought lively activity to heaven. God Himself is the very essence of life. All beings, including the ones of the terra firma (at that time {of the pre-Adamic era}), knew that God is the source of life and every physical activity. They were not unmindful of the fact that they owed their very essence to His beneficent disposition. With the greatest joy they continually revelled in worship of the Most High. It was clear, from the onset, that they were infused with life and intelligence to enable them worship in truth and in spirit from the volition of their hearts, and very much aware that they were of creationism.

The chief of the intelligent angels mooted an idea of a putsch, unfortunately. He coveted the majestic throne of the High and Lofty One in a wanton disregard to the Person of His Majesty. In a wicked unprecedented audacity, Lucifer recruited a whopping third of the angelic host from a total of tens of billions. He led the march of the heavenly insurrection to table a schismatic demand before the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

Michael led the two-thirds loyal angels to halt the display of that mutinous senselessness. One can only imagine the type of weapons that was used in the angelic conflict. Was it a war of wits, incantations, fits and slaps, swords or of combustion? I wish there will be a playback of the angelic clash for our viewing enjoyment when we go to heaven. Lucifer lost, receiving a condemnation to hell together with his nonconformist angelic cohorts. You would expect this evil angel to have learnt his lesson, lay low in absolute subjection to the Word of the Most High, but the guy went haywire, completely warped in an unapologetic resolution. Abject insanity.

Having made up his mind to steal, kill and destroy life on earth (where Michael’s victory sent him), his first casualty were the beings of the earth then, whose foolish acceptance of Satan brought God’s judgment on them which turned them into disembodied spirits i.e. demons (Jeremiah 4:23-26 ).




                                                         Adam was a bait to trap Lucifer



Being a God of legality, He decided to walk the path of justice by creating man whose uprightness will bring about the actualization of Satan’s eventual hellish incarceration. Adam was actually a bait to catch Satan. “And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand. (2) And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years”, reads Revelation 20:1-2. This incident will take place here on earth in the tribulation period of the Antichrist’s hegemony. There will be a remnant, whose sole desire is to please the LORD God, and in full expectation of the advent of the Messiah will heed to Pauline, “looking unto Jesus” of Hebrews 12:2, and who like Job, in his epic endurance cried his famous, effusive, “I know my redeemer liveth”, will call forth the expected Messiah.

The remnants are the Jews whose voice will cascade the avalanche of the heavenly host, led by Him, with whom we all have to do, even Jesus! Satan will be charged, among other counts, with deifying himself who is not the Creator. He had been lording over man illegally. The trapped man will cry out onto heaven just like the Israelites of old. The earth is truly where the action is.

For six whole long thousand years man has been committing sins unabatedly. To think that Adam and his wife did behold the very image of the LORD God every blessed cool of the evening, heard Him, worshipped Him, spoke with Him and loving Him, yet they still foolishly disobeyed Him. They knew that death, i.e. being cut off from the love of His presence, awaited them at the slightest smear of sin. In an outright defiance to the Word of God Adam entered into sin against the thrice holy God. Incredibly an unacceptability. What did their sin of ‘seemingly’ mere disobedience cause? Plenty!

Before their very eyes their presumably favourite child died, not naturally, but from the hands of the murderous first child, who was the very first to go through gestation, conception and parturition in the history of Adamic humanity (astounding!). (to be continued…)

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