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LET NOT THE SUN SET… (part two)


 man-praying-silhouette-purple-sunset                                                                 LET NOT…”


       …continued from part one (IN COMMEMORATION OF MY BIRTHDAY, THIS 17TH MARCH, 2016)


Sorrowful reality is the fact that the first couple raised the first human to face a tragic death and also the first candidate of hell. What would you do to the first humans you nurtured, on a daily bases, for years if they decided to rebel against you if you were God? Do you know how painful it is to lose ones child? They lost Abel for ushering sin into humanity. They messed up God’s toil!



Bane of man's misery

                                                         Bane of Man’s Misery



Sin caused rape. Do you know what trauma rape victims undergo? Rapists are more daring by the second in human history. Armed robbery victims are always left in a stupor, especially when the stolen item is an irreplaceable gem or work of art. How would a monarch feel if his daughter decides to go the way of professional prostitution and all plea from the throne fall on deaf ears? Personally, I hate lies so much that I can almost maim a liar. Lies are poured forth torrentially every second on earth. The gravity of lying is never apprehended until you see and come to the understanding that when a lie is spoken what an individual has done is to call God a liar. How? You were told to take one piece of cake. No one was looking so you took an extra two. “How many did you take?” “One piece”, you answered. You were not the only one who answered at that time. Before you said, “one” God said, “three”. Has your utterance not labelled the Almighty Jehovah God a liar?

When you changed the true, blue colour of the cap you were seen in and you told your hearers, “I came in a dark red cap”, you lied against the heavenly Witness who did see you in the blue cap because He made mention of, “blue”, expecting you to echo the truth. You, disappointingly, uttered a contrariness which clearly branded God a lying One; and this is how grievous a told lie is.

So many are the atrocities of man. Sin ushered into the life of mankind, the act of idolatrous worship. Idolatry is simply satanic. It makes you a staunch supporter of Satan – the one you were created to bring to justice. Idolatry brings you into a spiritual matrimony where you the idolater is the wife and Lucifer, the evil one, is your husband. In Ephesians 5:22, “Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord”, the word ‘submit’, which in Greek is hupotassō (hoop-ot-as’-so), Thayer Definition: ‘1. to arrange under, to subordinate 2. to subject, put in subjection 3. to subject one’s self, obey 4. to submit to one’s control 5. to yield to one’s admonition or advice 6. to obey, be subject’; comes from two Greek words of: hupo (hoop-o’) ‘by, under’ and tassō (tas’-so) ‘1. to put in order, to station a. to place in a certain order, to arrange, to assign a place, to appoint’. What hupotassō is saying is that, the wife should package herself well then arrange herself properly under the authority of her husband. Now imagine you doing that (hupotassō) under the authority of creation’s worst and bitterest enemy? Idolatry is nothing short of you sneering at God, knowing fully well that He hates what you are doing.

When man chooses to drink, more often than not, he goes for a highly fermented liqueur, which he quaffs until the venom of its sting robs him of every scintilla of sobriety. The demon which had goaded him to stupor will then take over God’s own creation. Backbiting is another atrocity man daily dives in to give himself a long, mudslinging swim. Need I reel more of man’s sinful activities?

It is clear that some angels failed to please God by opting to come under Lucifer’s leadership. The first beings of the earth allowed Satan to deceive them. A deceit which made them to jettison Jehovah’s deity so that they would embrace an evil and lying Lucifer. The Creator decided to create us, humans, you inclusive. God was seeking for righteousness among humans: to lay a solid evidential ground to bring justice to Satanic acts. Some angels and the first beings (who became demons) could not provide God this pleasure. Many humans have disappointed God. It is now your turn to choose between the Creator and the evil liar.

Satan is so mentally warped, completely demented, too crazy to ever feel remorseful or shame. He is absolutely against the good God, so what should one expect from this enemy of the LORD? Satan has no feelings at all; which reminds me of the gods of different ages from the Akkadians, Greeks and Romans who believe that their gods know nothing but a daily debauchery and that they have no real care for their worshippers. The truth is that all gods of idolatry are telescoped into one Lucifer. Lucifer is so wicked that absolutely nothing can ever pacify him. Every idolater does not know that Satan cannot be gainfully worshipped. He has made sure of a certain spiritual blindfolding of all idol worshippers. Satan does everything possible to keep them from the manumission found in the gospel truth of Jesus. Only losers, like Lucifer, will worship Satan.


In all of man’s inhumanity against his fellow man and against the express word of scripture, God chose to forgive man, even in the face of an undeniable fact that the one whom He had made to judge Lucifer did bungle it. Dear lady, you can decide to hunt the one who has offended you with the unforgiving spirit which Satan has placed inside of you. You can also choose to reach out heavenward and adorn him in the garb of forgiveness. Do you know that if this person should go to Jesus with a genuinely contrite heart, asking for forgiveness, God will most certainly bestow him with forgiveness? He would have settled himself, spiritually, while you continue to drown yourself in the wicked swamp of unforgiving stupidity. Choose! Deuteronomy 30:19; Joshua 24:15. (conclusion)

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