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*1*      Religion, truly, is an opium. The enemy of goodness must, as of necessity, lace religion with a heavy dose of stupefying poppy juice in order to own, in absolution, the spirituality of its adherence. God, as the Originator of spiritual adherence worship,uses faith to make His divinity an accessibility. For Lucifer to ape Jehovah in absolute venomousness, faith must be employed as a façade: a tainted faith that works in diametrical opposition to God’s vision. Doomed faith!

 Human agents of the Antichrist

       His religion must be clandestinely enwombed in covens. Esotericism must be the order of the game. Codes of hidden denotations are involved. Having suffered a complete dissociation from the eternal Light, it is left with the sole choice of being clothed in ominous nocturnality. Its globalisation caps its perfection of aping Jehovah’s worship. Religion remains an option that Lucifer intentionally offers the unsuspecting spiritual ignoramus.

      Antichrist proclivity of him essentially condemned him to the darkness of an evil entity, being diametrically opposed to the true Light. The first act of creationism is found in Genesis 1:4, “And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.” There is a difference between the ‘light’ of this verse and that of the 14th. The Hebraic ‘light’ of verse four is ‘ôr (ore),and its definition is: ‘light contrasted with darkness; illumination or (concretely) luminary (in every sense, including lightning,happiness, etc.). “Light of the face” is a positive, happy attitude, resulting from relief from trouble.Jehovah as Israel’s light.’

                This, definitely, should remind us of the True, uncreated Light, of John 1:1-14. The clause, ‘it was’ (of Genesis 1:4), is in italics, hence, an insertion of translation: not, therefore, of the original scripture. What God simply saw was, that good. ‘Good’ is ṭôb (tobe) ‘good, pleasant, agreeable (adjective) pleasant (to the higher nature), excellent (of its kind),moral goodness.’ The (Genesis 1:14) ‘lights’ mâ’ôr mâ’ôr me’ôrâh me’ôrâh (maw-ore’) means: ‘properly a luminous body or luminary, that is, (abstractly) light(as an element); figuratively brightness,that is, cheerfulness; specifically a chandelier; light bearer.’ The created ‘lights,’ mâ’ôr, of verse 14 is not the true illumination of the Divinity,it only bears light as a witness to the existence of the Truth.

      From day one to day number four of each day, God consistently carried out a separation. ‘Divided’ is the Hebrew bâdal (baw-dal’): ‘to, sever, separate,set apart, divide (in various senses literally or figuratively, separate,distinguish, differ, select, etc.)’ ‘Darkness,’ chôshek (kho-shek’), means ‘the dark; hence (literally) darkness; figuratively misery, destruction, death,ignorance, sorrow, secret place, obscurity, wickedness.’ That in everything He,the Lord, must have preeminence, prōteuō(prote-yoo’-o) in Greek, meaning ‘to be first (in rank or influence),’ it will be tantamount to aberrational incongruity if He did not appear in day one.

                The number, one, speaks of unity of the Godhead. This Light, who happens to be a Personage –of the same essence as God, the Eternal Father–, is the only visible Member of the Trinity. There is no rapport, agreement or spiritual contiguity between the Light and Lucifer,therefore, the dissociation. Darkness speaks of ignorance. Ignorance of Christ,the Author of life, hence, means to be dead –cut off from the presence of the True Light, the good God. Amen. Why the separation of verse 6 of Genesis chapter one? It is very easy to see this when the Scripture is studied.

      Water is emblematic of the Word of God or humanity. The words of religions receive the dominating strength from aberrational abnormalities of superstitious tendencies. The Word of God shuns fatuous verbalism. It, (the Word of God) is a Personage –God Himself. It is the very Truth of all truths. Before Lucifer could spread the lies of religiosity He (the LORD God) had separated Himself from Christ-less doctrines. It was day two. Two is of witness and of testimony. There would be satanic testimonies, as opposed to that which God’s word would teach (God knew all of these things beforehand). There would never be any similarities. Separation was a necessity.Satan cannot testify of God’s truth. Impossible.

                Three is the manifestation of the Godhead. The manifestation of the earth, on day number three, separated it from the sea. A small amount of clay was chosen from the whole earthly lot,separated, to create a righteous Adam. The first family, of Adam and his wife,was God’s righteous church, separated from Satan’s impending religion. Day four put a distinction between the Light and the ominous darkness of Lucifer. Four being the numerology for creation, the light, representing knowledge, was brought to represent physical understanding of man. Work of creation went on only diurnally. What happened at night? Satan, the numerous fallen angels and the countless demons held nocturnal, strategic meetings –unbeknown to the nascent couple. 

Is this true?!

(…to be continued…)

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