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Leah Sharibu and his jihadic abductors since 2018

Leah Sharibu and his jihadic abductors since 2018

(…continues from part eight…)

9)              What Muhammad taught under the inspiration of Allah, Othman dan Fodio – a Fulani – who is related to Muhammad maternally must spread it across the northern part of Nigeria! The Sardauna of Sokoto, Sir Ahmadu Bello – another Fulani –, the first Premier of the Northern Region told Northerners to ensure that the governance of Nigeria remained the Northerners’ birthright.

                As nomadic people, the Fulani herdsmen trek from Nigeria to many countries, leading their cattle for grazing. Probably believing that they own the country, they lead their cows into private farmlands. Any opposition to this brazen theft from the farm owners is summarily shot dead from their acquired AK47. The truth is that they are actually on missions of jihadism. Simple.

                Farmers, in their thousands, kept complaining and when the government of President Muhammadu Buhari remained uncaring, the affected farmers decided to wage wars against the notorious Fulani heavy-rifled-wielding marauders. What was Buhari’s reaction to fighting against his fellow Fulani herders? “You can’t be fighting your fellow brothers.” It was then I understood former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s warning that Buhari had hatched the campaign of the Fulanization of Nigeria. The former president knew what he was saying, obviously.

President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari

                Before one knows what was happening, the herders had become bandits of terrorism. Guess what their slogan is? The inevitable, “Allahu akbar!” Many local governments are under their conquests, and they demand jizya – Muhammadan instruction of ‘tax levy’ on jihad-conquered-territories. These jihadists of Islamism have abducted thousands and demanded ransom that have always been on the very higher side of millions per person – all in the name of jizya of Muhammadan Islamism. An Islamic scholar, Sheik Ahmad Gumi, had on numerous times spoken on behalf of these terrorist, both in terms of aiding their ransom demand and making excuses for their nefarious acts. One wonders why the government of President Buhari could not use this Gumi’s connection to track and arrest these terrorists. You smell a rat? Well I do smell an elephant! A young girl, Leah Sharibu, when abducted along with other girls, refused to denounce Jesus, and in anger, the jihadists refused to release her. Since February 19, 2018 – over four years ago – Buhari’s government in conjunction with Sheik Gumi has failed to have her released. Gumi wants pardon and amnesty for the surrendering jihadists. There is every reason for any right thinking human being to believe that the government of Muhammadu Buhari is engaged in subtle support of Fulani and Boko Haram insurgency, which had annihilated communities.   

Sheik Ahmad Gumi

Sheik Ahmad Gumi

                Gumi has for the umpteenth time clamoured for amnesty for those he has been negotiating jizya of Islamic terrorism – probably up to a trillion naira – ransom for; believing that circumstances beyond them are to be blamed. They became daring in the governmental administration of Muhammadu Buhari. When Nigerians wondered how Fulani herders should still be leading cows across vehicular roads and into unauthorized routes of farmlands and forests and demanded that it must stop, Buhari, a cattle rearer himself, decided to excavate the cattle routes of the nineteenth century! Buhari decided to forget that these Fulani people have incessantly gunned down thousands of innocent Nigerians. Honestly, looking at President Buhari’s level of intellectualism, I believe that if he had not graduated from NDA (Nigerian Defence Academy) he would, by now be either on his pastoral way to Chad, Niger or one of the West African countries or coming back to Daura, his Nigerian home town, leading his few cattle, as a Fulani. 

                There is an Isa Ali Pantami Angle, according to Hundeyin – an investigative journalist. He, Pantami, is Nigeria’s Minister of Communications & Digital Economy, whose jihadic proclivity was unearthed by the investigative journalist, David Hundeyin.

                Born on October 20, 1972 in the Pantami Ward of Gombe State, Pantami Ward is noted for being the last holdout of the infamous Maitatsine Islamic uprisings of the 1980s. David Hundeyin quoted from a Hausa lecture Pantami gave titled: “Suwaye Yan Taliban” (“Who Are The Taliban?). Pantami describes the Afghan Taliban in glowing terms, saying that they have undergone “trials from Allah” while dealing with kafuri (“infidels” i.e. the U.S.A.) from the Western world who wish to destroy the “good image” of the Taliban.”

Isa Ali Pantami

Isa Ali Pantami

                These are the things Hundeyin unearthed concerning the quotes of  Isa Pantami:

+ If American infidels should invade Nigeria, their target of annihilation would be the Muslims.

+ “This is why we have been praying to Almighty Allah to urgently bring Mr Zero-Zero to Power in Nigeria. May Almighty Allah give us a true Muslim who fears Almighty Allah. (By the way, Mr. Zero-zero is Muhammadu Buhari – a Fulani jihad lover)

+ we pray for a day when the images on the notes in our pockets will be removed. No Muslim Cleric has ever spoken against these images as forbidden. May we be self-sufficient enough not to need this currency. It is against the Religion to put even the images of the Companions of the Prophet on the currency. May Allah help us to see that day when the Gregorian date, the Calendar of the Infidels that is on the notes is removed. And that day is coming when it will certainly be removed.

+ “Some of the comments I made some years ago that are generating controversies now were based on my understanding of religious issues at the time, and I have changed several positions taken in the past based on new evidence and maturity.Hundeyin did not waste time to prove that he lied: “Suwaye Yan Taliban’ was delivered in 2006 when Pantami was 33 – 14 years older than the oldest possible teenager.

+ When Pantami’s Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy hosted a virtual flag-off ceremony for a capacity development programme empowering 600 people with VSAT Installation Skills, it was not live-streamed by the FMCoDE’s YouTube channel, NTA, Channels TV, AIT or any major broadcasting station. Instead, a little-known Islamic TV channel called Al-Afrikiy was contracted to relay an event organised by the Federal Government of Nigeria. It is important to point out that Al-Afrikiy is not merely an Islamic-influenced, or Islamic-leaning TV station which also covers other things. Al-Afrikiy is an Islam-only TV channel. It broadcasts strictly religious content.

+ Considered al-Qaeda founder, Osama Bin Laden, a better Muslim than himself, and in another, he said he was happy when infidels were massacred – This Day newspaper.

+ “We are all happy whenever unbelievers are being killed, but the Sharia does not allow us to kill them without a reason. This jihad is an obligation for every single believer, especially in Nigeria (hādhā jihād farḍ ‘ayn ‘ala kull muslim wa-khuṣūṣan fī Nījīriyā,” – bbc.com

Sheikh Muhammad Saleh Al-Uthaymeen

Sheikh Muhammad Saleh Al-Uthaymeen

                Pantami’s Islamic studies brought him under the teachings of hardline Salafist scholars including Sheikh Muhammad Saleh Al-Uthaymeen, who believes that, “peace between Muslims and non-Muslims can only be temporary because “jihad is the highest form of islam.

                Pantami sees, like every true Muslim, the United State of American as an infidel State simply because it does not recognize one Allah and refuses to acknowledge Muhammad as the sole prophet of God. The truth is that as Christian, I will not waste time to tell anyone that, without Jesus, no one enters heaven. The difference between my theological stand and that of Pantami is that Pantami’s beliefs tell him that Islamism is Allah’s agency of Mohammadan infidels’ annihilation. A passionate hatred is what the purported ‘religion of peace’ loves to display for Christianity.

                Will this continue unabated? I conclude this ninth part with 2Thessalonians 2:7-8 “For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way. 8) And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:” for the Governor of the nations, Jesus Christ, will consume the wickedness of Boko Haram, ISSI , Al Qaeda and ISWAP. Amen.


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(…to be continued…)

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