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THE MUSIC STAR (2nd part)


 beatles-gestures1                                      THE BEETLES (in the 60’s – already flashing Illuminati symbolism)

Music celebrities use their riches to live lives of excessive drugs, alcohol and concupiscence. From where do they get this immorality? From the madness Lucifer suffered for rejecting his Creator. Only Jesus counts in spiritual matters. Lucifer turned himself against his own very being when he chose the destructive path of apostasy. His musical mission is to turn every musician against himself. The British musical group called The Beetles, took a good look at their unprecedented global success and made the infamous pronouncement of, “We are more famous than Jesus”, and soon after that infamy the great Beetles crashed, disbanded and for good! Lucifer merely set The Beetles up to commit the very error of his. Lucifer looked at glorious bejeweled facade of his outwardness. He adored the gift of his beauty, ignoring the Giver. Music is a huge, worldwide business atop of which sits Satan to pollute minds with the lyrics involved.

When they began to rap, I said to myself, “Man has begun to talk!” The man of Genesis 6:1 is working assiduously for the cause of Satanism. Taboo dictions of vulgarism are their choicest recipe of musical expression. And Satan’s goal? It is to bastardize the music that God took His time to create as a form of worship for His own good pleasure. Musicians must not sing for God, as far as Lucifer’s dementia is concerned. If your song does not render true worship of Jesus, then know of certainty that the evil one is using you to your own destruction.

Illuminati, according to Luciferian decree, is the entrance you must be seen in to achieve artistic prowess and, especially, fame to enable him to entrance you. A common phenomenon it is, to hear them address demonic assistance in their lyrics. Unbeknown to most fans is the fact that the some of the gibberish lyrics are actually incantations, aimed at mesmerism! Their stage outfits speak volumes of rebellion against ethical norm. They garb the attires of prostitution, and gays. They live riotous, Godless lives. Their utopian abode lack any legal restriction: freedom from everything, good things inclusive. A god unto the individual each one is. They are so mesmerized that they fail to come unto the understanding of the fact that Godlessness is anarchical. They do not see the darkened state of their minds. Whatever strays into their hearts is definitely the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the gospel truth.



Jimi Hendrix  The greatest guitarist of all time.


Rock music is so weird. The artistes of Rock tend to be most demonically possessed. The guitar used by Jimi Hendrix will not string out the sound in his soul so, he must smash it to disintegration on the stage. At another instance he poured an inflammable liquid on it, dropped a struck match on it right there in the full glare of those who had paid for the live concert, notwithstanding the fact that Jimi Hendrix used the world’s best guitars. He died of drug related circumstance.

Take a good look at Rock musicians on stage. They are too carefree, giving you a picture of rebels: Aah! Lucifer, their spiritual mentor, rebelled against the rules of heavenly throne. Listen to most of the lyrics of rock: the songs are in praises of the loser whose musical ministry came to an eternal end before the Creator of all. In a situation where most of the crowd at their stage shows are chemically ‘stoned’, the dexterity in the strum of string works in an amalgam with an expert drum beat and a well-trained appeal of a vocal cord, the resultant effect is an expected boisterous riot.

Fela Kuti_088 Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, the greatest musician in Africa

Fela, the greatest musician to come out of Africa, perfected a fusion of Afro rock and jazz. He started as a West African ‘Highlife’ singer. A very reliable source said that as at that time, all Fela Ransome-Kuti drank was Fanta. When he became a music giant, the world did not only see a chain smoker of cigarette, he quaffed strong liqueur and made sure he was holding a heavily wrapped marijuana on stage, in complete defiance of the law. Rebel. He dropped “Ransome” to be known as Anikulapo-Kuti, saying that he had ‘death in his pouch’ (which is the true meaning). Fela tragically died of AIDS. Satan bought his soul (if he didn’t get born again), having made him a hater of Jesus.

(…to be continued…)

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