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At-Taubah verse 29


For believing in Jesus Christ and His sacrificial atonement, the Christian must be despicably disgraced by making him pay jizya, meant for a kufr – pagan. How could the Qur’an see you as a religiously worthless person and Muslim fundamentalism will not be drafted in for the kill, in the name of Allah? The danger we do not see in this religious legality ascription to Islamism, from Allah of Muhammedan Qur’an, is that it satanically evokes the corruption of man’s free moral agency. If religion puts power to sentence fellow human to death for not believing Muhammad and his Qur’an by jihadists, taking into consideration, the fact that the victim of Islamic fundamentalism is a firm Bible believing, born again Christian, where is religious tolerance, equity and love for fellow human? After “loving the LORD God with all your heart, mind, thought and strength, the word of God appropriately commands to “love your neighbour as thyself.” Who, therefore, I ask, is this Allah? Read More