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authorship of the Books of the Bible


With the exception of The Acts of the Apostles, written by Luke, every New Testament Book of the Gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John – was written by the one whose name bears the title. The Quranic ‘Injil’ i.e. the Gospels were written decades after the earthly life, death, burial, resurrection, ascension and session of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ did not write one letter of what Muhammad calls injil – purportedly given to Jesus, the way Allah inspired the Qur’an, as it is found in the 57th chapter of the Quran in the 27th verse. Malicious and apocryphal are terms I can give to the specious claims of Muhammad concerning monarchical trampling of the Bible. Canonized Books of the Bible are genuine documentations of Divine inspiration. Other versions have their corruptions, but that cannot be said of the King James Version (KJV). The Qur’an is believed to have descended from heaven; how it failed to accord The Word of God, Jesus, His Divine rightful place indexes the malicious concoctions of the Qur’an. The monasticism of Muhammad, as the commentary runs on Al-Hadid 57:27, is jihad, which involves the slaughtering of unbelievers of Islam, in the cause of Allah. Jesus never, for once, led the thousands that thronged His ministrations to the killing of those who disbelieved His teachings and or Messianic office. You cannot find a more irenic Personage than Jesus. Mohammed is believed, according to G.J.O. Moshay, the author of “Who Is This Allah”, to have led sixty jihad wars on innocent people who either believed in idolatry or the salvation through Jesus. This type of hunting is known of Cain, the first antichrist, then of Nimrod – hunter before the Lord; its Islamic institution makes Muhammad anti-Christianity culpability. He is not different from the ultimate Antichrist. Read More