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We need to understand the alpha and omega of probation. It is to bring intelligent beings of God’s creation in alignment with His interest. Devoid of any scintilla of coercion, God wants us to use our free moral agency to do His will absolutely and never doubting the LORD God. Probation of the intelligent beings of creation is actually a blessing in disguise in that those who pass the trials have not only judged Lucifer for failing the obedience test, they stand to enjoy the glorious crowning culmination of the quiddity of divine probation. They will sit beside the Creator in the throne room of the Rainbow Administration of the celestial assizes. This had been the desideration of Lucifer, which he thought could be acquired with cunning forcefulness. He failed woefully trying to earn it. What he lost, God would give to those who satisfy Divine gaze into human probation free of charge.Read More