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Christ and the Father


God the Father had in His hand of eternality, a scroll. The angelic enunciation was beyond the capability of the angels or the crowned elders, ergo, beyond any being of creation. Only a hand of eternality could approach and also take from the eternal hand of God. This is a very good reason for the Trinitarian reality. Moments of exigencies, as this one, makes the Trinity very inevitable. When God must be seated, and God must be on His eternal feet and still be in the Almighty fashion of Jehovah, an Entity – of Divine equality – must be present for each occasion. The rectitudinous stance of God, seated as Judge, would not befit Him playing the role of the Redeemer-Advocate. Therefore, God the Son, Jesus Christ, the eternal One, Whose goings forth is of old, must be the One to stand on the eternality of feet and to stretch forth His Eternal hand, which has always, from eternal past, been known to the Father’s. God appropriately took it (the scroll) from God. Hallelujah. Amen.Read More