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Do You Have To Marry To Prove A Point? (2)

Before the creation of Adam the female, God had instructed him on how to be in charge of the world; had given him full authority and endowed him with the intellectualism needed to be the lord of the terra firma. As Adam slept, God went away from him to build him a help meet for Adam, the lord of the earth. Would God have brought the Woman, like the bride’s Father would, and not brief His daughter, who was about to be wedded to the good man and the lord of the earth, on how to be the good Woman of Adam? God, the Father of Adam, by creation, is also his Father-in-law. They had been briefed to make the union work, prosper and last. Your marriage to anyone must come from the direction of the same God who instituted marriage. How can God instruct your choice of wife? Study the Bible, where He still talks to mankind. It is egregious stupidity to marry strictly for money. Marriage is never for sale. It will be an act of Satanism to sell your marital commitment for money. True love is not for sale. You cannot surrender your obedience to the husband in exchange for dollars – it smells of spiritual disgust. It is nothing short of an insult to God’s institution. You believe the politician needs a woman like you to help him to win the election, so, marriage to him is the best option. You are wrong. As long as marriage contact does not preach and lift up the name of Jesus, it is an exercise in futility. Marriage is strictly God’s business; its orientation finds its roots in the Word of God.Read More