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Everlasting Father

JESUS: The WORD Of God (What does it betoken?) Part 6

You probably ask, “What does Jesus: as the Word of God betoken?” The answers are as follow. The spiritual location of eternal life is found nowhere else; in the Person of Jesus alone is the bliss of eternity to be found. Selah! The Word of God is the Ruler of eternal peace. The Eternal Father in John 17:3 is the True God. The irrefutability of the Word being the True God in 1John 5:20 is pellucid. The titles of Jesus in Isaiah 9:6 are they essentially Divine? Selah! Read More


The Father is eternal, without a beginning. How can Jesus Christ (erroneously believed to be a created being) possess this knowledge if He is not eternal as well? 'Knoweth' in the Greek is epiginōskō (ep-ig-in-oce'-ko): 'to become thoroughly acquainted with, to know thoroughly, to know accurately, know well.’ It should be crystal clear to all and sundry that it must take an Omniscient One to epiginōskō the Eternal One. Amen.Read More