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God owns the redeemed

Will You Lose The Genuineness Of Your Salvation? (8)

Do verses 22 and 23 say categorically that Jesus is the Head of the Church and does it reveal that the Church is His mystical body? Did I not explain clearly that the saved soul is the full responsibility of the Godhead? If the Church is His mystical body, does it not behove God to do the Jude verse one needful? “…to them that are sanctified by God the Father, and preserved in Jesus Christ, and called:” (Jude 1:1). The Father “purifies” for salvation. Jesus Christ is the divine refrigerator that continues in “preserving the regenerate Christian from injury, rottenness and loss,” because that is what the Greek word for 'preserved', tēreō (tay-reh’-o) means. Through the inspired energy of the Holy Spirit, the gospel becomes meaningful; the “call” is made and what does the Father-sanctified and Christ-preserved do? Led by the Holy Spirit the utterance of the prayer of salvation is made from the heart, you get born again and the Trinity takes over the purchased life, and your new life becomes the full responsibility of God; how can it be lost? Has God ever lost anything He truly wants for Himself? Selah! Read More