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Satan the Devil knew what he was aiming at when he goaded the woman to be the first to oppugn God’s word. Lucifer knew that by sowing views of divergency his anarchical intent would fructify. The minute a divergent view becomes a belief, the heart of its containerization puffs, having received the yeast of pollutive spread. Hagar suddenly found herself wearing the same sandals as her mistress the very moment she was given the legitimacy of sleeping with the lord and husband of her mistress. Sooner than later she hit the social jackpot. She was with a child, the child of none other personage than the great Abraham! Hagar saw herself as the mother of Abraham’s heir! She forgot where she was picked from. Hagar forgot the legality of Sarah’s ownership of her person. All that Satanism made her understood was her Gibraltar-like foothold she stood to have in Abraham’s household for giving him the heir Sarah could not produce all those decades of conjugation. Read More