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Morning Star

THE GAME IS UP!!! (Part one)

In his exhilarating fashion of catechism, the ebullient teacher of the Bible, Rev Chris Okotie, in his exegesis of Genesis 1:14 submitted that, "There's no third light. The Antichrist is not a light." Ponderous a manna for human cogitation. "Jesus," he said, "is the greater sun light while Adam is the lesser moon light," in conclusion, “you are the stars,” addressing the Household Of God Church born again congregation. Very truthfully apropos, I do agree.Read More


Christmas tells me that Jesus is the Governor of the nations, the King of all kings, the last Adam who came to quicken the lives of the redeemed. He will remove the enslavement of mankind by the evil rule of the Antichrist. His eternal Priesthood ensures our perpetual guiltless stand before the throne of God.Read More