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Better Not Make The Mistake (2)

Is one night stand not fashionably accepted way of ‘catching fun'? You call it ‘one night stand', I tell you the truth, it is actually ‘one wicked night with Satan, the dark lord of evil’. Has it not resulted in millions of blackmailed victims? You think your manhood is free to traverse the fleshly privacy of all femininity you come across? Kings, military generals, teachers, pastors, evangelists, politicians, great men and women of industries have fallen under the corruption of sex. You do not even know how demonic your illicit sex partner is. One sex can invoke demons into the destruction of your person. You think you are making money out of sex, but do you know that you could actually be dining with demonic principalities? The man had rubbed fetish substances of demonism on his penis. His entrance makes way for the destructive elementals to feed mercilessly on you. Your home becomes the playground for evil occupation just because you had sex with that beautiful, innocent looking, young girl. You did not know that she was on an annihilating mission.Read More


Why would someone say, “Jihadic execution of non-practising Muslims is Allah’s commission to righteous followers of Muhammadanism?” Globally, Jihad kills and continues to assassinate people who will not chant, “Allahu Akbar! And Muhammad is His prophet!” In the hand of Islamic jihadism is a lethal weapon. If he is a free moral agent, then that bestows the power of killing, in the name of Allah, to him.Read More

TOGA (part 2)

                                                       Noah’s toga of drunkenness   A very sad toga was sewn for Noah who made the unnecessary trip into the sordid act of drunkenness. Noah could not reason with the word of God found in Galatians 5:21. Samson fell when the toga of inebriation was donned on him by the hired Delilah. Satan gets...Read More