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W HAT RELIGION IS (The concluding 3rd segment)


Kabbalah is of Jewish esotericism, and is deeply rooted in satanic mysticism. Kabbalah forms the fulcrum upon which rests various secret societies. It believes in the Mosaic scriptures but adds to the Hebrew tenets of the Bible. Its famous logo is the fabricated, scripturally non-existent Star of David, which has gained global esoteric use. Kabbalah has no biblical backing thus making it another satanic, religious incursion into human existence.


illuminatiIlluminati (all seeing eye)Freemasonrybaphomet                                          Illuminati All Seeing Eye



Put the doctrines of all religions together and what do you have? The grandmother of all falsehood, called Freemasonry and the powerful ally, the Illuminati. They, as a matter of fact, own the world and its systemic arrangement in all facets of it. They own the government and the more powerful economy. They, from all indications, worship mammon, another name for Satan, in disguise. Read Mark 8:36. These people are the custodian of Satanism who also are the directors of the philosophical waves of religious winds. The influential hegemony they wield will, no doubt, culminate in the enthronement of the Antichrist. This one will be the most powerful and the worst evil man, the world’s history will ever record and to whom Satan will give all his satanic power, Revelation 13:1-6. This very one will succeed in the establishment of one global religion, thereby ushering in the ultimate perfection of the deity and worship of Lucifer on planet earth. This is the ultimate religion!
And Gabriel came all the way from heaven to instruct Mohammed in the Islamic way of Allah, according to Islam. Islam teaches that Allah (not the Jehovah of the Bible) has turned away from the Jews and the people of the scripture (Bible), Christians are meant here, and Allah is now dealing with mankind through the words of Mohammedan Qur’an. John 14:18 reads, “I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.” Hebrews 13:5, “Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake.” You will not find God’s covenant name, Jehovah, in the Quran. Did HE stop bearing that Majestic and matchless name (Jehovah) because Christians refuse to obey prophesies of the Mohammedan Allah? In Quran 35:36, Allah says that all Christians will go to hell for refusing to worship the oneness of Allah (contrary to John 14:2-3), and which explains Islam’s hatred for Christianity. In Al-Bayyina (meaning ‘evidence’) or chapter 98:6, the Qur’an labels Christians as the worst candidates for hell.



One of the things angel Gabriel made Mohammed to read from the Qur’an is found in An-Nisaa i.e. chapter 4:155-159. Verse 155 accuses Jews of breaking God’s laws and killing of prophets. This is true (1 Thessalonians 2:15) but which God are we talking about here, Allah or Jehovah? Verse 156 says that Jews, out of unbelief, accused Mary of fornication and labelled Isa (Jesus) a bastard. Quite untrue, read Matthew 13:55 & John 2:1-5. In verse 157 is the refutal of the crucifixion and the death of Jesus on the gory cross and even calling Isa (Jesus) an apostle of Allah! This is nothing but a satanic, blatant lie, from the pits of hell! Read Matthew 27:50-51 & Matthew 28:1-12, especially verse 12, to prove that this Quoranic verse is nothing short of evil fabrication. Anyway history proves that Mohammed was an illiterate who taught what he heard from captured Jewish slaves of jihads. The hundred and fifty-eighth verse says Allah exchanged Isa with another person on the cross and took Isa to heaven, unbeknown to the spectators and the disciples. Please read John 20:19-31.
Verse 159 reads in part, “….on the day of resurrection he (Isa) shall be a witness against them (His disciples!).” Ali bin Abi Talhah said Ibn Abbas claimed that As-Suddi, Jawaybir, Mohammad bin Ishaq and several others attested to the veracity of above verses and explained among other extrapolations that: Isa (Jesus) asked which of his disciples would volunteer to be made to look like him in order to replace him for the penalty of crucifixion so that he will be his companion in paradise. None but a much younger disciple volunteered thrice and Isa had to choose him as his decoy. Later, according to Quoranic teaching, after Isa had been secretly taken to heaven the disciples, whether twelve, fifteen or nineteen (?) separated into three: Al-Ya’ qubiyyah (Jacobites), An-Nasturiyyah (Nestorians) and Muslims. The first two, in disagreement with Muslims over the true identity of Isa, fought and killed the Muslims so Islam was veiled till the emergence of Mohammad, according to Quoranic teaching.
The biggest mistake Islam made is to dabble into the teachings of the acts of the Bible characters. Mohammad should have left Jesus and His Bible alone and faced his Islamic religion. To begin with, it is impossible for Jesus to be replaced (copious verses, dated centuries earlier, support His death) on the cross; no disciple, or anyone, for that matter, save only a sinless Jesus (unblemished: Exodus 12:5, Leviticus 4:28, Ezekiel 43:25 & 1 Peter 1:18-20) could appease God, on the cross. The Bible holds the fact that there will always be a remnant (1 Kings 19:18, Romans 11:5) to carry out God’s work, but not even those prophetically meet the requirement of replacement on the cross! For anyone to go as far as teaching that Jesus Christ of Nazareth did, in His earthly days, speak on behalf of one Allah is so deceitful and can never be backed by history save Islamic tradition of mouth to mouth spreading of its didacticism. These hadiths quote severally of Allah’s curses on Jews and Christians, who happen to be God’s remnants to carry out God’s work on earth (1 Kings 19-18; Romans 11:5 & Revelation 7:4-8). On another very serious note is the fact children from Muslim homes will hear these things and no doubt believe their misled parents and will always see Christians as eternal foes ordained by their most revered Allah, who has told them that the Qur’an is the ‘Last Testament’, meaning that whatever is found in the Qur’an is the absolute truth! Muslim fundamentalists certainly have more than enough Quoranic verses to antagonize non-Allah believers. Who says Satan is not having his way, religiously?!
Houris (beautiful eyed damsels) are promised jihadists in chapter 44:54; see these chapters 52:20, 55:72 and 56:22 of Qur’an. What does Mark 12:19-25 say? Please read it. If Qur’an chapter 46 verse 9 quotes Mohammed as admitting that he did not know what judgment Allah would hand over to him then: a) how could he prophesy of Christians’ woeful end? b) Does it not put Muslims into hopelessness, concerning the bliss of heaven? Please, tell me, I pray thee do let someone enlighten me concerning one Islamic issue: if the obedient male jihadists are to receive scores of wives in aljana, how many husbands are due to obedient female jihadists as heavenly rewards? It looks like the Islamic heaven is going to be more of sex party and wining (Qur’an promises a river of the vine juice) than praises and worship. We see Jesus giving succor, in His capability to address the sin question, right there in the throe of death when He told a repented criminal, “Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with me in paradise. (44) And it was about the sixth hour;” Luke 23:43-44. He must do it at the hour of six because six is the number of man (man was created on day 6) whom He had come to salvage from satanic cosmos.
Jesus, in John 3:3, addresses the sin question (which no religion is capable of). John 3:16, the microcosm of the Bible, tells us Jehovah God is interested in man’s affairs hence the Incarnation. From verses seventeen to the twenty-first of the same chapter Jesus offers the antidote for sin in a most marvelous way no man dead, alive or to be born can ever do. Jesus is the only One with the necessary connectivity to the Father of light. Satan built these religions to hood wink man from seeing the truth and consequently be saved. Rather than solve the hereafter problem (for it is the one thing man continues to grope for) of mankind, as we see Jesus do so effortlessly in the above verses of the Bible, religion continues to compound to man’s spiritual predicament.
Of truth, it is that, every ground of religion is sinking sand! Jesus says categorically, “I go to the Father.” No religion knows or is cocksure of heaven. Only Jesus can save! Amen!!

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