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Does the word of God agree with the 25th of December birthday of Jesus? The answer is an emphatic, “No!” Was this practice idolatrous, originally? Yes, of course. Would it not be right to apprise Christians of the involvement of heathen implication of December 25th Christmas celebration? Honestly speaking, I do not see the reason why the Church should abrogate the memorialization of the Nativity on every 25th of December, regardless of Nimrodic sun worship of Baal devotedness.


Nimrodic sun adoration began with Cain, who had to go eastward to build the city of Enoch, ostensibly given the baleful direction by Satan, the Devil. None can venture the name of Cain’s wife probably because Satan was trying to ape God by having his dark church in cultic concealment. Enter Nimrod, and Luciferian worship went full blast globally. As the original Baal and sun, idolatrous god, Nimrod’s deity was reportedly commemorated every 25th December.


Sundry tales wound reportedly around this 25th. One of them being that, Semiramis, the mother and wife of Nimrod, instituted the 25th to monumentalize her king, husband and lord as the sun god. They had a son, Tammuz, with whom the idolatrous trinity of Babylonian religion was completed. Babel, the centre of sun god worship is, from Hebrew Bābhél, which from Akkadian, is Bāb-ilu, literally: ‘gate of God.’ Which god, for it is certainly not of Jehovah? It is incontrovertibly of Baal, the Nimrodic sun deity of Satanism. Baal worship was engendered by a self-deification pampered by an inebriation of humanism.


Egyptian trinity of Osiris, Horus and Isis.


After the disruption of Babel’s elusive dream by Jehovah, the vagrant Lucifer shifted the heinous enterprise to the next global super-power. To Egypt, the cradle of modern civilisation, a replica of Nimrodic trinity, he went to set it up. Osiris, in Egypt, is the chief, sun god. His worshipped wife is Isis, the moon goddess and to perfect the trinity is Horus, their deified son. These were passed on to Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon in different designates. Greece conquered the world with the backing of Greek versions of these same gods. Even Rome was not left out in the global sun worship. Catholicism of the Pope picked the pieces of the relics of Nimrod and incorporated into the Roman Catholic Church.


     Semiramis & Tammuz                Isis & Horus                    Mary of Catholicism


Isis Semiramis comparison

Catholicism had continued to prove stiff necked in her adoration of Mary as ‘Mother of God?’ Let me uncloak this doctrine. Semiramis was both wife and mother of Nimrod. She was also deified as ‘the mother of god.’ The mother and child depiction is a syndromic phenomenon of spiritual capitulation. Semiramis is presented giving suck to baby Tamuuz in Baal worship. Baby Horus is also portrayed clutching his Isis mother. This is the Catholic spiritual connectivity. How do I know? The Bible, God’s protocol does not in anywhere establish spiritual mother/son adoration. There is no motherhood in the heavenly assizes! Deceivers are bound to goof! Thank God for that. Smart ones will see through them and keep away from them. Amen!


Roman Emperor Constantine

It was in the year 336 AD that the Roman Emperor Constantine pronounced December 25th as the birth date of Jesus. Years later in 350 AD Pope Julius I declared December 25 the official date that Christ was born, and from then it was celebrated by Christians worldwide. That Catholic Pope did not receive the instruction from the Holy Spirit and neither was it from Jesus. Maybe he did it to invite the heathenish world into Christianity, but, must it be in the fashion of heathenism? From all the indications of Catholicism, Pope Julius I knew exactly what he was doing. He was putting finishing touches to the religious syncretistic desideration of the Roman Catholic Church. Jesus arrived into our world when none expected.


The nativity: True Incarnation

God, no doubt, made sure none kept the record of the exact date. It was His Divine incarnation. If He has no beginning and no ending why should the parturition of His humanity receive a public knowledge? It would not surprise me if Jesus was born on a Sunday. Creationism commenced on day one. It ended on day six. On the seventh day, the Sabbath, He rested. And that day was the first Saturday of the creation of our world. Man was created on a Friday: day six.                           (…to be continued…)

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Horus, Egyptian version of Jesus.

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