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       And God spoke, “LET THERE BE….” ten times, without any opposition.


(…continued from the first part)

There was not even an effete objection to all His ten commands of “and God said” from day one to the seventh day of His rest. The day after His Sabbath rest happened to be the new beginning of the second week which had continued to be replicated ever since. Every day, ergo, is Christ’s, the Creator. When He died, to save the world, He rose the third day because He is the One “Whom God hath raised up, having loosed the pains of death: because it was not possible that he should be holden of it [Act 2:24]. Amen!


The word ‘loosed’ is luo (loo’-o) in the Greek, meaning: ‘1. to “loosen” 2. (by usage) to break, destroy, or dissolve 3. (maritally) to divorce.’ He was the first to establish, and to join in holy matrimony of our pristine parents. When sin entered our world, we got illicitly married to Lucifer. He that had power to lay down His life and take it back (John 10:17-18) cannot be an ordinary person. He must be Jehovah God. This Personage is found in Jeremiah 23:6, “In his days Judah shall be saved, and Israel shall dwell safely: and this is his name whereby he shall be called, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS.” This is the prophetic pronouncement of the coming Messiah, Jesus Christ. Is He Jehovah? Yes! The title ‘LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS,’ in the Hebrew is Yhovah tsidqenuw (ye-ho-vaw’ tsid-kay’-noo) which means: ‘1. Jehovah (is) our right 2. Jehovah-Tsidkenu, a symbolical epithet of the Messiah and of Jerusalem.’

Tomb of Jesus

                 He rose to save this sinful world from a calamitous end. Some wise people decided to receive Him, JESUS, as LORD and Saviour. These are followers of the risen Christ, who is coming back for them. He clothed them in His righteousness and they, the Christians, became the body of Christ on earth, waiting for His magnificently grand appearance. Amen!


If the mystical body of Christ, the Church, decides to make use of one out of the whole three hundred and sixty-five or the leap year days, in commemoration of His Incarnation, what is the big deal? Does He not own it all? Is the first day of the week, Sunday, not named after Nimrod, the sun deity? Did Nimrod create anything? Should we refuse to go to Church on Sundays just because Satan has hijacked the day for his global worship? Which of the days of the week is not named after idolatrous worship?


Sunday is of the sun god. Monday is that of the moon: this is none other than the moon goddess, Semiramis. (Following definitions credited to Collins Dictionary) Tuesday is Martis day of Mars; (in Anglo-Saxon mythology) the god of war and the sky. Wednesday in old English is Wōdnes dæg Woden’s day, translation of Latin mercurii dies Mercury’s day; related to Old Frisian wōnsdei, Middle Dutch wōdensdach. Woden or Wodan the foremost Anglo-Saxon god. Norse counterpart: Odin. Thursday: Old English Thursdæg, literally: Thor’s day; thunder, day –Thor is the god of thunder. Friday: Old English Frīgedæg, literally: Freya’s day; related to Old Frisian frīadei, Old High German frīatag. Freya or Freyja [ˈfreɪə] Norse myth the goddess of love and fecundity, sister of Frey (the Norse god of fertility, crops, peace, and prosperity). Saturday is from old English sæternes dæg, translation of Latin Sāturnī diēs day of Saturn, the Roman god of agriculture and vegetation; Greek counterpart: Cronus


January is the Latin Janus the Roman god of doorways, passages, and bridges. In art he is depicted with two heads facing opposite ways. February: Latin Februārius mēnsis month of expiation, from februa Roman festival of purification held on February 15, from plural of februum a purgation. March is from Latin Martius (month) of Mars (they worshipped heavenly bodies). May: Latin Maius, probably from Maia, Roman goddess, identified with the Greek goddess Maia. Maia [ˈmaɪə] Greek myth the eldest of the seven Pleiades, mother by Zeus of Hermes. July is from Gaius Julius Caesar, in whose honour it was named; while August was named after the emperor Augustus. Romans were hero worshippers.


Oh come, let us adore HIM!

Would it not be so puerile to deny Jehovah His true worship on these days and months simply because Satan has shown interest in, and has polluted by hijacking, them? Selah. Jesus is Lord! Amen!        (The Conclusion)

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