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Eight antediluvian saints who survived the great deluge, led by Noah.

Eight antediluvian Saints who became the first postdiluvian souls.

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3)            There is a reason for not keeping the records of the names of some of the biblical daughters. Their wives’ names are unknown because they represent the Church – Divine’s closely guarded secret enterprise. The born again Christians constitute the Bride of Jesus Christ, ergo, a woman. Christianity is one of the most guarded secrets in the heart of the Divinity. Noah needed not beget a female. Why not? His entire family is a typicality of the redeemed Christian – the Bride of Christ. His exemplary walk with the LORD God was exemplificative of a Christian. His entire family worshipped the true God. A worshipper is not just a follower of his deity; a spiritual marriage is involved in that adherence. Noah means ‘rest’. A true Christian has found spiritual rest in the LORD God. It is not the physical perceptibility that marks out the Christian; it is his inherent nature, the spiritual rebirth midwifed by the Holy Spirit, who in turn takes up an irrevocable dwelling inside the Christian, is what makes the true born again a child of God. Noah’s name points him out as a Bride of the Divine Jesus.

The LORD’s banner over us is love (Song of Solomon 4:2)

His banner over the Bride is love [Song of Solomon 4:2].

                The name of Seth’s wife is not given in Scripture. Seth means ‘substitute (remnant)’. The LORD God never lacks a remnant to carry out His Divine will. Seth was a type of a Christian. His wife’s hidden name points to veiled Christianity. Enos means ‘mortal man’. Adam’s taste of sin brought mortality to him and his progenies. Enos is a reminder that death is imminent to every man that refuses the grace of God through Jesus Christ.

                Cain’s treasonable felony against the headship of his father and the family of Adam gave Lucifer all the opportunities he needed to unleash havoc on humanity. Cain means ‘javelin’. As the first born in human history, it behoves Cain to use the instrumentality of his name to protect the nascent Eden family. Rather than attack the devilish incursion, Cain joined forces with Lucifer, culminating in Adamic dichotomy. Cain became the progenitor, head and lord of the antediluvian miscreants. Even though mankind had fallen into sinfulness, the sacrificial grace was the atonement availability for sins. God made sure not to create man for annihilation; and what He did to bring man back to Himself was to create man in the Image of Christ. Eternal security. Yes, this points to the secured eternality of the true believer simply because the Image of God is an Eternal Christ. God allowed several salvific opportunities to gracefully pamper us. It is of grace lest any should boast.

The Church is the body of Christ – Ephesians 5:29-30

The Church, like the days of Seth, calls upon the name of the LORD.

                Cain, whose name means javelin, would neither throw any missile to dissipate the enemy’s advance nor lift it to ward off the enemy; he refused to take a stand in defence of his family. He would not live up to the expectation of the name given to him by his parents. Cain failed.

                When Cain refused to use his ‘javelin’ for the protection of his family and defiantly rejected God’s offer for forgiveness, he became the vagrant progenitor of the antediluvian miscreants. After the tragic death of Abel, another son was needed to take his place. Seth, whose name means ‘substitute (i.e. remnant) or put’, became an antediluvian revivalist, publishing the worship and praise of the LORD God. He gave birth to a son, Enos.

Jesus raised Jairus’ daughter from death (Luke 8:54-56).

Jairus’ daughter is a typical Christian – alive and safe in the eternal arms of Jesus.

                Enos means ‘man’ – in his mortality. A dying Adamic race is what Enos represents. A wise Seth decided that only God could save mankind. Seth began an embarkation of the revival that would turn the children of Adam back to the true God, Jehovah. Seth got as many as would do the will of the Creator and they were the antediluvian saints. Cainan means ‘(fixed) chamber; dwelling’. His antediluvian sainthood nods in affirmative of Scriptural facticity that the earth is our dwelling place.

                Mahalaleel is the son of Cainan. ‘Praise of God’ is the meaning of Mahalaleel. Praising of the LORD God must not come to a halt. The remnant of the Most High God is definitely a Mahalaleel. The children of God will continue to do so: for the progenies of Ham will rise up to rekindle the praise of Jehovah.

Get born again

You must be born again to be free from Divine condemnation. Pray the sinners’ prayer. Say:

“Dear heavenly Father, I come to You now in the name of Jesus Christ. I believe in my heart that Jesus is the Son of God. I believe that Jesus died on the cross for my sin. I believe that You raised Him from the dead. I confess with my mouth that Jesus is Lord and I receive Him now as my Lord and my Saviour. I give God all the glory. Amen!”      

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