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Could Muhammad have prayed in this Bayt Al-Maqdis (of Jerusalem)?

(…continues from part three…)

4)            Bayt Al-Maqdis is the mosque situated in Jerusalem, right on the spot where Solomon’s Temple of Jehovah’s worship used to be. The mosque was built, according to Wikipedia, between 688 and 690 AD. How could Jesus be reportedly seen there, when it had not been constructed? Would Jesus Christ have gone into a mosque to teach the acceptance of an Arabic Allah as the commentary on An-Nisa’, the 4th chapter, verse 157of the Qur’an explains? Only in synagogues and the Jerusalem Temple would anyone have found Jesus in His earthly days. In fact Jesus never left the shores of Jewish land, and He forbid His disciples from going beyond their Israeli territory. “These twelve Jesus sent forth, and commanded them, saying, Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not” (Matthew 10:5}. Muhammad failed, as in many instances, to name the Damascus king. It was to Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor, whose residence was in Jerusalem, Jesus was taken for adjudication. Muhammadan knavery thoughts lack scriptural credibility.

                Al-Mu’minun 23:91 of the Qur’an reads, “Allah has not taken any son, nor has there ever been with Him any deity. [If there had been], then each deity would have taken what it created, and some of them would have [sought to] overcome others. Exalted is Allah above what they describe [concerning Him].”

“…call his name JESUS. He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Highest” (Luke 1:31-32)

                This an abridged tafsir, titled “Allah has no Partner or Associate” runs: “Allah declares Himself to be above having any child or partner in dominion, control and worship. He says: No son did Allah beget, nor is there any god along with Him. (If there had been many gods), then each god would have taken away what he had created, and some would have tried to overcome others. Meaning, if it were decreed that there should be a plurality of deities, each of them would have exclusive control over whatever he had created, so there would never be any order in the universe…….This idea states that if there were two or more creators, one would want to make a body move while the other would want to keep it immobile, and if neither of them could achieve what they wanted, then both would be incapable, but the One Whose existence is essential (i.e., Allah) cannot be incapable. It is impossible for the will of both to be fulfilled because of the conflict. This dilemma only arises when a plurality of gods is suggested, so it is impossible for there to be such a plurality, because if the will of one is fulfilled and not the other, the one who prevails will be the one whose existence is essential (i.e., God) and the one who is prevailed over will be merely possible (i.e., he is not divine), because it is not befitting for the one to be defeated whose existence is essential. Allah says: And some would have tried to overcome others!”

                These reasons ascribed to Islamic theology is outrageously philosophical. Muhammad picked the wrong theological documentation of attack in his bid to hoist the Islamic flag of Allah. He should just have kept his long distance from the Bible. He had not the knowledge of Jehovah. Christianity, being so globally popular, Muhammad of Allah decided, like any other religion would, to use the Bible of Christianity to launch Islam to prominence.

                In the Book of John 10:30, Jesus makes the asseveration, “I and my Father are one.” The auxiliary ‘are’ is the Greek esmen (ez-men’): ‘we are’ [first person plural indicative of eimi (ei-miy’): ‘I am (i.e. I exist’)]. Eimi is exactly what God gave as His covenant name to Moses when He told him, “I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you” (Exodus 3:14). The definition of esmen that Jesus used means: “WE ARE THAT WE ARE”. This same Jesus, when He was accosted by the Pharisees for plucking corn for consumption on a Sabbath day, declared, “For the Son of man is Lord even of the sabbath day” (Matthew 12:8).  This pronouncement takes us way back to Genesis; “And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made” (Genesis 2:3). Let us not forget that the Eternal Father never vacates the celestial throne. One of the Members of the Trinity must have to come down to the earth to carry out the acts of creationism.

                Getting born again is a conscious effort on the part of an individual. Get born again. You were born in sin. Say this sinner’s prayer.

“Dear heavenly Father, I come to You now in the name of Jesus Christ. I believe in my heart that Jesus is the Son of God. I believe that Jesus died on the cross for my sin. I believe that You raised Him from the dead. I confess with my mouth that Jesus is Lord and I receive Him now as my Lord and my Saviour. I give God all the glory. Amen!” 

(…to be continued…)

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