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Genesis 2:16-17


Entities of creationism, no matter how perfect in creation, are still under the sovereignty of the Divinity. The same sovereignty over creation explains God’s right to beam probationary light on the existence of beings. The LORD God does not put anyone on probation because He wants to know the hidden dwelling evil in the heart. He knows and sees beings, living, nonliving, animate or inanimate – all the centillions – at the same time and the intents of all, long before the existence of each one. Nothing, ergo, comes to the Almighty as a surprise. He has decided to probe us so that we will know that He is the LORD. The eternality of God’s juridical office makes the Eternal Father the Judge of all things. The judge is only known to swing into adjudicatory ukase after an act of legal interest is brought before the assizes. God made man a free moral agent, having the right to choose any course of life; the free moral agency does not becloud the mind not to know that there is an ultimate Judge.Read More


The eternal Son must place Himself under the law that He gave to Moses. In order to rewrite the law of 'sin and death,’ the LORD God had to promulgate another law called 'Spirit of life in Christ Jesus' (Romans 8:2). By this new and living way, hitherto unknown, but now fully understood, the spirit of our elevation cries out to the Eternality of the Father, calling Him, “Abba Father!” Jesus being the ‘only begotten Son,’ who says Jehovah has no ‘begotten children’ as well? Whoever voices that has no knowledge of God’s word of Adamic elevation. Adamic elevation calls Jehovah, “My Daddy.”Read More


Many pastors, evangelists, born again Christians will lose crowns. Many husbands will have to contend with being under the leadership of their earthly wives or children. Crowns of good works determine the hierarchy of empyreal citizenry. Some pastors, who cannot do without engaging in certain vices like sexual immorality, will serve under their church members. It will not be painful an experience to find one in, but, what is sown is what is reaped. You will not wallow in shame, but, your official celestial status, which is dependent on the good things you do now as a Christian either places you lower or much lower than some people if you allow yourself to be dominated by sensual propensity. None will be plunged into slavery of any kind, but you will be low in the new world to come for all eternity. Imagine what the Creator’s elevation of a born again Christian will amount to in heaven before we come to spend the rest of eternity on earth? No one elects anyone into such celestial offices; none will ever be made to lose that office. It is eternally a bestowal of the Divinity. It will be mind-blowing. Let you be warned of the glory of eternal greatness, found nowhere else but in heaven. Read More