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Household Of God Church


Today the 11th of September, 2023, I have, by the special grace of God been a true member of THE HOUSEHOLD OF GOD CHURCH, ebulliently shepherded by the Pauline highbrowed Reverend Chris Okotie.                 It was in 1994, the eleventh of September, a Sunday, when I first attended the service in this church. One sermon, titled “Christian Cult” and I knew, most definitely, “This is my Church.” I cannot forget this day, the day I refer to as my own 9/11 albeit, mine is not a disastrous one.Read More


The Reverend taught us that there are two ways of studying the Bible. One is: 'reading out of the Bible,' and the other being 'reading into the Bible.' Reading into the Bible means adding of your personal ideas to God's word. This is the practice of too many readership of God's protocol. The bane of scriptural adulteration. Reading out of the Bible is the appropriation of the raw, undiluted word of God. Few do take the Word for what it says. This is why the Hebrew and the Greek interpretations are so germane. Amen!Read More


I have my own testimony. Four times in two years I had slumped. Several people slumped not more than once and they were just dead! Three times it happened at home, once in church, of all places and moreover on an Easter Sunday. I truly sensed the attack the fourth time. And I remember telling the Lord, "I don't want to slump! I mustn't!" The Devil had his way but he lost the battle and the war. Praise the Lord.Read More


The Pastor of Household of God is of the understanding that whatever you bring to church is unto the Lord and if HE has acknowledged your pious gesture, then it is settled. When the altar call is consummated, the Reverend will tell the nascent converts among other things, "If you like our Church, we invite you to be part of what we are doing; but if for any reason you cannot come here, talk to Jesus and He'll lead you to another Church where you'll be comfortable, but you must go to Church." I do not know how many pastors will continue to say this to every Sunday and Wednesday new converts. Very few you will say this, if there is any. Their perceptive stance drums it too loudly and clearly into the core of their beings that the church is their personal investment. Definitely not the Okotie, my Pastor that I have seen for decades.Read More


The ebullience of Rev. Chris Okotie has continued to unravel the mystery of the Lord Jesus Christ, using God's own protocol, the Bible. At the diamond age of sixty, this June 16th of 2018, he is still waxing strong in the pedagogical dissemination of scriptural veracity. This, none can take away from the one who goes by the sobriquet, 'My Prince' or 'My Pastor' by Householders i.e. Church members.Read More