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New Covenant


If centuries before the birth of Muhammad the Bible had pointed out the Lord Jesus to the world as the ‘reconciler’ or the ‘intercessor’ between God and man, how could Muhammad claim to be the unbiblical intercessor on the Judgment Day in Sahih al-Bukhari Book 60 Hadith 15? In fact the prophet of Allah said he would go as far as retrieving those who had been languishing in hell fire! Without equivocation this Islamic revelation is sourced from purgatorial didacticism of Catholicism; which St. Augustine (354–430) distinguished between the purgatorial fire that will burn off stains and the everlasting fire that consumes those who die unrepentant and unreconciled to the church: of which Clement of Alexandria and Origen believed that punishment by God must be to educate and, thereby, contribute to salvation. It had before them been a teaching of Platonism. And much longer than Plato, purgatorial Buddhism is the term ‘Naraka’ meaning “hell”. Islam has belief similarities with Zoroastrianism, Buddhism and sees Christianity through the unscriptural ritualism of the Romish Church. An inerudite Muhammad quaffed to inebriation the umbilical Popery doctrines of the Catholic Church. There cannot be two intercessors. Muhammad denies the Divinity of Christ only to use subtlety to present himself as the Messiah. Read More