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Let us do some exegetical exercise on the Man, Jesus. He started his life in the matrix of Mary, the wife of Joseph, as a Man of Adam. The theological ascendency of his relevance is the quiddity of his vessel serving as vehicular actuation of the Incarnation. Inside Jesus Christ is the duality of Jehovah and man. Now, if the humanity of the Christ, Jesus, had committed one smidgeon of a sin, the entire soteriological concept would have been awfully defeated, absolutely. As the Last Adam, Jesus never got tired of getting led by the omniscience of Christ in him for every step of earthly endeavours, the LORD of creation, and the Christ continued to expect him not to falter spiritually. For thirty-three years and six months of the Incarnational tread upon the terra firma, Jesus Christ lived to turn as many as would desire to partake in the celestial citizenry from the course of hellish destination of every sinner. In the wilderness, Lucifer failed to derail the course of the Last Adam.Read More


David would ask, “Should I go up?” and to find out whether God is interested in his desire or not he will come up with the next question bordering on his success, “Wilt thou deliver them into my hands,” because it is just not a matter of going out to do something; whatever does not translate into a successful end is a useless venture. To each Davidic probing discourse God did give a definite answer to David’s audibility. At another time, God, the tactical Man of war, told David how the war would be won. Two things are learnt here, God did speak into the hearing faculty of an Adamic creature; number two, it proved that God was the true winner of that war; and is still the winning influence in all Adamic ventures. Samuel was only a small boy when the LORD GOD made him a channel to vaticinate the intent of His Divinity. Indeed, God is not a respecter of persons; meaning that God does not allow the physiognomical fame of your person before deciding to use or reject you. All you need is to be ready for Him, and you are counted as God’s ministerial tool of immense value. The jejunity of Samuel is so evident in the way he ran to Eli, saying, “Here am I; for thou didst call me,” three whole times!Read More