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An Ambassador (For Christ or Lucifer) (1st part)



The LORD God formed Adam and brought the Woman to him (for a marriage) to create an ambassadorial family for Christ on earth. God successfully established His most guarded secret: the Church. The Church, and she alone, speaks on behalf of God.

Adam, by this virtue, became the first prophet, priest and ambassador of God’s earthly affairs. Lucifer took a good look at the first couple for some days or years and concluded (like he has, concerning millions still) that it is through the Woman (emblematic of the Church) he could gain an inroad into the world so that he too would have an ambassador in the affairs of terra firma. The woman played an insubordination game by misrepresenting her head i.e. husband. This created an evil opening for an operative representation for Satan. The evil one needed a true and loyal spokesman, which he could not get the Woman to be, for she decided to keep her marriage (to the Lamb) intact. A most willing Cain became Lucifer’s first ambassador; he went to live in a place called Nod, which means ‘vagrancy’ answering to his new status as a vagabond. Cain became a man personally trained in the missiology of acquiring spiritual fugitives for Satan’s kingdom. This man named his city after his first child, Enoch, which means ‘initiate’ for: every member of any secret society must go through a covenanted initiation. Lucifer could not get the Woman, whom Christ already had. To have his own false church of satanic worship a woman was inevitable so what did he do? He married the man (Cain) –spiritually – which engendered homosexuality.



Nimrod, the hunter: of men. Satan’s ambassador


Cain chose the east of Eden because the east is where the sun rises. Satan has no light so he uses the sun as an object of his worship. Sun worship is a representation of Satanism, which gained global prominence under Nimrod, a hunter of the blood of men, his name means ‘rebellion’. The hallo that is drawn on the head of ‘saints’ and the Eucharist with the sun seen in Roman Catholic Church are ambassadorial elements of Luciferian worship. Any religious call for rites is perfected by the ambassadors of Satan. Was Mohammad Jehovah’s ambassador? Krishna, Confucius, Tao, Ifa, Baal, Ashtoreth, Tammuz and the other ambassadors of religions, which of them spoke for Jesus? Without Christ, the 2nd Member of the Godhead, there can never be an ambassadorial office for heavenly paradise. Mohammed was an oracle of the Arabic Allah. He saw Jesus as one of the prophets of an Allah, unknown to Jesus, the express Word of God. The Islamic Qur’an (chapters 3:45; 4:157, 171, 172; 5:17, 72, 75; 9:30, 31) agrees with the Messianic office of Jesus but Mohammed never called Him the Saviour.




Buddha, Tao and Confucius were probably contemporaries. A good study of their teachings are mere philosophical didacticism and that which never gave a clear cut soteriological procedure. Books of esotericism and of the paths to spiritual advancement especially through rituals are their selling points. Ifa of Yoruba and Brazilians is a worshipped idol. Ifa oracle is communed through demonic entities to its adherents. It has a form of Jesus, not unlike all religions. Baal, Ashtoreth, Tammuz are creations of Nimrod’s ambassadorial missionary for the cause of Satan’s church. Tammuz, according to Baal worship, is wept for, on a particular night (a tradition that is a commemorative ritual of his death) by women, who went on a ritualistic whoring, as they await his traditional coming, the following day, which they celebrate with jubilation. Does that not imitate Jesus? Words play a crucial role in all religions for: Satan understands that the Second Member of the Godhead is the Word of the Divinity. Ifa worshippers call the Creator ‘Olodumare’ a shortened form of ‘Olodu omo Are’ meaning ‘the oracle, the son of Are (pronounced: a-ray)’. A form of Christ, is it not?

One hundred and twenty years was what it took Noah, preaching to every living person (children inclusive!), in the antediluvian age, to serve as an ambassador for Christ. Noah pleased his Creator, Jesus Christ. Noah means ‘rest’. His obedient walk with God brought respite to a condemned humanity. “For what saith the scripture? Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness” [Romans 4:3]. Abraham was a very good ambassador who prepared his descendant successors’ victorious walk of handling the patriarchal baton. The passing of the baton that eventually birthed the chosen nation of Israel which prophetically paved the way of the inevitable feat of the Incarnation.



How do these guys think? Do they look gay? Whose ambassadors are they?


Concerning man, the Bible says, “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he” [Proverbs 23:7]. The word ‘thinketh’ is sha‛ar (shaw-ar’) BDB Definition: ‘to split open, reason out, calculate, reckon, estimate, to calculate’. Strong’s Definition: ‘to split or open, that is, to act as gate keeper (figuratively) to estimate’ {it gives a picture of sha‛ar (shah’-ar): ‘an opening, that is, door or gate’ or sho‛er (sho-are’) gatekeeper, porter or a janitor’}. Those who display divergent, scriptural doctrines run ambassadorial errand for Lucifer, the fallen angel who must receive obeisant adoration. They do not think, enter or keep the gate of the gospel of Jesus. Roman Catholic has consistently proved to be incorrigible in her stubborn exegesis of unscriptural doctrines. Their doctrine on Mariology teaches Mary’s status as queen of the celestial angels which culminates in Mariolatry. If, as they teach their unsuspecting billions of adherents, Mary is the mother of God that, no doubt, makes her a goddess in the heavenly assizes, seated on her own throne and receiving an everlasting angelic obeisant adoration!                                (…to be continued…)

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