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W HAT RELIGION IS (The concluding 3rd segment)

Kabbalah is of Jewish esotericism, and is deeply rooted in satanic mysticism. Kabbalah forms the fulcrum upon which rests various secret societies. It believes in the Mosaic scriptures but adds to the Hebrew tenets of the Bible. Its famous logo is the fabricated, scripturally non-existent Star of David, which has gained global esoteric use. Kabbalah...Read More

WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE CHURCH (the concluding 5th segment)

Satan was wise enough to choose to approach the Woman in the Garden of Eden in his quest to take over the world. At the creation when, Adam, the man took dominion steps, he represented Jesus, but when the Woman was made we see Jesus the Christ, the mystical body of Christ, the Church! “Where...Read More