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the LORD God of Eden Garden


“I and my Father are one,” says Jesus. The word ‘one’ is heis (heis') with the English definition: ‘one – as a neuter gender.’ Heis, in this sense, is ‘essence’. Jesus and the Father are of the same divine essence. Muhammad’s philosophical stray sees the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ and the Father breathing airs of divisionary disagreements once upon a time to emerge in Al-Mu’minun, the 23rd chapter of the Qur’an verse 91. This is quite ludicrous and smacks of puerility. The Members of the Trinity are in actual fact one God! They never think, will, act or know in diversity. They are actually what I call Them: one-like-three and three-like-one. They do not think like objects of creationism do. Each One of the Trinity has the Almighty distinction of omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence; how can they ever disagree when they had already sat in counsel of the Trinity long before anything that is made comes into existence. Muhammad has not an iota knowledge of the God of the Bible. Obviously Muhammad heard countless tales of disagreements among gods of idolatry. Of truth Muhammadan prophetic office dwelt in egregiousness of incomprehension. It was never His tactility that made Him the Messiah. In Him dwells all the natures of Divinity, as attested to by Colossians 2:3 “In whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” The sobriquet, Al-Masih, is not of Arabic origin. It has its etymological acceptation in Hebraic lexicon. The true definition must, therefore, be sourced from the Jewish understanding.Read More