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Do You Have To Marry To Prove A Point? (7)

Your husband cannot tell you not to pray. The Word of God has been in existence before the man, therefore, the husband cannot breathe superiority over the Word of God which categorically says, “Pray without ceasing” (1Thessalonians 5:17. He cannot tell you, “Stop going to Church” because he will be impugning Hebrews 10:25, “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is;” neither can your husband tell you to stop believing the spiritual headship of Jesus: for He is the great Shepherd of the sheep, that the God of peace brought again from the dead through the blood of the everlasting covenant (Hebrews 13:20). Forbidding us to lie is the Ninth Commandment; he cannot tell you to lie. Your husband cannot decide to have sex with you through your anus. It is not any different from sodomitical lust of Satanism as Paul makes us understand in Romans 1:27. The husband’s authority is within the limits of the Word of God.Read More

Do You Have To Marry To Prove A Point? (1)

Were there not thousands and millions of surrounding fascinating objects to keep his newly created jaws agape for ten years? Truly, he did not go through loneliness because the word ‘alone’ is the Hebraic bad (bad): ‘properly, by itself, besides, a part, separation;' it comes from its root: 'bâdad (baw-dad’) which means: ‘be separate, be isolated.’ I do agree with the explanation of Rev. Chris Okotie which says that the best definition of the versicular ‘alone’, the Hebraic bad, is ‘different’. According to the definition of bad God simply said, “not good that Adam should be different;” when ‘separation’ as its proper definition is taken into scriptural consideration. One aberrancy of biblical exegesis is its treatment à la human gregarianism instead of its theological facticity. How can you fail to understand that before God introduces an institution, He would have made a conclusion of it in heaven? If marriage prefigures the union between saved souls and the Lamb, did the Christ ever experience loneliness to need uxorial companionship – in theology? Like the One he adumbrates, Adam must need to take a wife – theologically speaking.Read More

Conjugal Gist (1)

The marriage institution is God's most guarded secret. Satan did everything to destroy the prognosticative Eden version. His preoccupied fetish was to bring Adam, the female, under his worshipful control. It was the moment of the truth. It was Lucifer's scrimmage for the ownership of Adam's dominion. There was only one woman. The woman did not fall into the machination of Lucifer. God's triumph engendered the physical, bridal Church of Jesus. Today there is only one Jesus and only one Church. The emergent Church came into physical existence only after the death, resurrection, ascension and session of Jesus. Before the woman of Eden came into being the dead Adam had risen from sleep, which is the Hebraic tardêmâh (tar-day-maw'), a type of death in their language.Read More