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John 5:39

Wisdom Is A Personage [2]

When you bring the personal pronoun 'I' into the picture, what is revealed is the Personage of Exodus chapter 3 verse 14. ‘I AM' is the Hebraic hâyâh (haw-yaw): ‘exist’. This ‘I AM’ is Jehovah. Jesus Christ is as eternal as God the Father, ergo, He did not come into being, i.e. created –He has an eternal existence before Abraham was brought into existence. The 'was’ and the 'am’ are, therefore, not the same as erroneously believed by Arians. The Jews who received this address understood Jesus perfectly and for this reason, they decided to stone Him to death in verse 59, for the very reason they sought to do the same in John 5:18, saying that by the asseveration of Jesus, “He makes Himself equal with God.”Read More


"Hail Mary" apotheosizes a humble, Jesus worshipping Mary! "Hail Mary" is a 'Systematic Theotokos' contraption of Catholicism: an unbiblical Mariology. Its sole bourne is Mariolatry! Truth be told, Mariolatry is anthropolatry! If Catholics should argue that Mariology is not Mariolatry, then why do the Catholic faithfuls kneel before the statue of Mary in prayer? A billion and two hundred million die-hard adherence fail to see the intrinsic shame of Mariology when we understand that the Church happens to be the pillar and the ground of Jesus' truth! Selah!Read More


The epithetic stance of 'I am' stems from its definition. It is the Septuagint rendition of ego eime, which is the same as the revelation of God's name -I AM or Jehovah. This is the facticity of the person of Jesus -the ‘I AM’ of the New Testament. It will be a usurpative act on His part to institute a new covenant had He not been the Initiator of the new: "For this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins" [Matthew 26:28].Read More